Chapter 1 Episode 7. May 12, 2017 - "Cave Entrance Security"

May 16, 2017

     "Wake up Grog, the dog or "friendly wolf" is barking at the cave entrance".  How many wives have said similar sentences to their husbands or "designated warrior protector".  These words were spoken long before any new fangled robotic security cyber systems came into the marketing arena. Many of these systems offer a false sense of security to all who have spent their hard earned money to purchase.  In today's environment of hi-tech everything, the term "keep it simple stupid", KISS, has faded into the picture of a beautiful sunset on your laptop screensaver.  When it comes to early warning devices to protect the family, how can anyone argue that the barking dog has not proven to be the most reliable solution?  Yes, there are many flaws in this not so perfect security system.  So, let's compare them against technology.
     Dog's, like any animal, may cause allergies or other negative medical situations to human's they are exposed to.  Electrical security systems may cause fires or electrical shock.  A dog needs to be fed and cared for. This may cost more money than the monthly electrical voltage, maintenance, and monitoring system cost.  The electrical system set up costs; depending on how elaborate your needs are, can be really expensive.  Door and window sensors, cameras, recording systems, audio alerts, HVAC controls, offsite Internet viewing availability, etc, etc, all are extra costs.  The cost of the dog also varies on the pedigree of the animal.  I, personally, have never paid for a dog and have had many throughout my life.  Both electrical security systems and dogs operate in all weather conditions, unless the electrical supply ends, then only the dog will continue to operate.  The electrical systems are not mobile, in other words, they will not load into your vehicle and travel with your family to continue to offer protection while you travel and set up their protective services immediately when you get there without any additional professional service costs.  Electrical security systems only have one function, monitoring the security of your one main "cave" or home.  Dogs have multiple functions.  They may help you provide food for your family, if you are a hunter.  They monitor and at times help control pests and vermin.  They provide comfort and calming during times of stress.  They help keep you and your family members in better physical condition by demanding to be walked or offering their bodies as toys for your young children to punch, pull, fall on, run with, swim with, pet, scratch, etc, etc.
     There is much more that can be said about dogs, but, the hardest thing to say to a dog is goodbye.  They are members of the family.  I always got up early and fed them, cleaned their pen, and gave them water before I took care of my kids, once they were no longer babies.  I did this because they are family members who will never grow up to be able to take care of themselves, whereas my kids will.  They are with us for a shorter period of time, in normal circumstances, than our kids.  It is for this reason that our kids must be exposed to the darker side of life, which is how to handle death.  Each family has a method and means to come to grips with this unfortunate fact of life.  The important thing is to convey this life lesson as one that applies not only to our pets as family member, but to all of our family members.  This will happen.  It is unavoidable.  Our obligation is to think about how we are going to convey this to our kids before we get this dog, not after it is already part of the family. 
     After all it is only a non-electrical security system that will viciously attack and offer it's own life to protect your loved ones from whatever dangers come through that cave entrance. It is just a dog.

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