Chapter 1 Ep 12. November 15, 2017 - "You Bet Your Life I Did!"

January 12, 2018

Famous expressions from adult children:
“What do you mean you are at the casino again?”
“Nuts, there goes the inheritance!”
“Don’t you have anything better to do than watch horses run in a circle?”
“If you like blinking lights and bells and whistles so much, why don’t you go sit by a railroad crossing instead of in front of a slot machine?”
Famous expressions from various people heard throughout my life:
“Better safe than sorry.”
“Careful that stove is hot.”
“Sounds risky to me, are you sure?”
“Are you willing to take that chance?”
“I certainly hope you are right about that.”
“If you play with fire, you are going to get burnt.”
“Be careful, don’t get hurt.”
     Both of these lists can go on and on.  Both of these lists are talking about the same thing.  That thing is called, taking a gamble, risk, or more commonly referred to as life.  From your first breath on this out of control spinning sphere in this place called space, we take risks. Some risks, are dangerous by choice, others are dangerous by necessity.  Some of life’s gambles bring prosperity and happiness and others bring pain and suffering.  Normal life, as we know it, is impossible to live without these moments and decisions of chance.  Basic human nature makes us risk takers.  Whether we were and are hunters or gatherers, we seek ways to make life better and that involves risk. 
     There is no such thing, as “a sure thing”.  If there is a mathematical chance that something will go wrong, according to “Murphy’s law” it will.  The laws of probability and statistics affect every decision a human being makes in the normal course of their lives.  That does not mean that we should be afraid to gamble.  What it does mean is that, within reasonable limits, we should live life to it’s fullest potential without employing undue risk.  This is all subjective terminology that is being used here.  This is all that there is in life.  There is no black or white, just a bunch of gray that has to be considered, reflected upon, and then acted out.  Life is not to be put on a shelf or shied away from.  Life is to be enjoyed and improved in thought, word, and deed everyday. Life is an adventure without a specific ending.  Life is exhilarating, spontaneous, sad, joyful, and stressful.  You do not always get to win. Unfortunately, many times you just lose.
     So, when somebody questions you on how or why you choose to live your life the way that you do, the response is, “that’s why they call it gambling”!!!!      

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