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How to not raise an asshole: The toddler years

My intention is for this to be part of a multi-series post about life skills that all kids should know in today’s world.  We’ll start with toddlers – that’s what I have direct knowledge of, so that’s where we’ll begin.  I’m not saying that I’m necessarily good at getting my…

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2017/12/21 HotMamaTravel.com We are MORE than honored to have been chosen as having the #1 BEST DIAPER BACKPACK FOR DADS by HotMamaTravel.  They FULLY analyzed, tested and created an entire 2018 Buyers Guide of the 10 Best Selling diaper bag backpacks and out of ALL of them, the HSD Tactical Diaper Bag…

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Chapter 2 Episode 2. Sept 19, 2018 – “Mommy, Where is my Daddy? (The Concerned Dad)

Mommy, Where Is My Daddy?      In nature, it is instinctive for the offspring of a mated pair to bond to its mother, in most cases.  It is not true for the male of the pair to seek that close bonding instinctive need.  In humans, this is a matter of choice…

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