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Introducing the NEW HighSpeedDaddy Line of Mini Woobies!!!

So there I was… …sitting on the couch, watching some TV, snuggled up in a lightweight, soft, faded camouflage blanket bringing me back to the days of when I was a toddler watching TV on the couch. Seriously…there I was! And apparently VERY enthused with watching the same episode of Paw…

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Sometimes you just gotta let kids be kids

Pushing his (and my) fear boundaries Dom surprised the crap out of me the other day when he just randomly ran over to this playground set and started climbing to the top.  I was hesitant to let him climb all the way up there without me intervening or physically supporting…

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Chapter 1 Episode 11. October 11, 2017 “I Am Too Young To Be This Damn Old”

  Having just returned from a promotional cross-country photo journey for HSD (8700 miles, 27 states), I realized just how lucky I am to be in the condition that I am.  Having abused my body most of my life, I am really lucky to feel this good.  By abused I mean that…

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