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Sometimes you just gotta let kids be kids

Pushing his (and my) fear boundaries Dom surprised the crap out of me the other day when he just randomly ran over to this playground set and started climbing to the top.  I was hesitant to let him climb all the way up there without me intervening or physically supporting…

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2017/12/21 We are MORE than honored to have been chosen as having the #1 BEST DIAPER BACKPACK FOR DADS by HotMamaTravel.  They FULLY analyzed, tested and created an entire 2018 Buyers Guide of the 10 Best Selling diaper bag backpacks and out of ALL of them, the HSD Tactical Diaper Bag…

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Chapter 2 Ep. 3. October 31st, 2018 – “Look Momma!! I’m on Top the World”

    — In the James Cagney movie, a famous actor during the black and white motion picture era, this is the classic line that ended his 1949 movie “White Heat”.  His character shouts it, just before he chooses to blow up the gigantic gas tank he was standing on after…

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