Chapter 1 Episode 4. February 15, 2017 - "Hey Kid, Follow The Leader!"

February 14, 2017

We have all been brainwashed!! This is a pretty heavy accusation, right? Then let me say a simple term to you and then tell me I am wrong.  Okay children,” follow the leader”.  We have all heard it, we have all done it, we have all trusted those who told us to do it, and we have all been brainwashed because of it!  Now, don’t be too upset.  When the pre-school teacher, the boy or girl scout leader, the track coach from high school, or the Platoon Sergeant said those words, you blindly followed the orders of those officially in command.  You were all good little boys and girls.
     Wait a minute!  This is the United States of America and I have freedom to choose my leaders.  I was raised a Christian and I have “free will”.  I am a legal U.S.A. citizen and I have rights.  Yes, to live in our society I have to follow the “rule of law” but, unless I swore an oath to do so, I am not obligated to blindly “follow the leader”.  I can choose to do so at any time, if the leader has earned my respect and I agree with the direction this leader is taking me.  I, personally did not agree and still do not agree with some of the policies of our recently past President’s administration.  It remains to be seen if the current administration will earn my respect.  I follow the law but, not necessarily the leader. 
     What I am saying today is simple.  Follow your heart.  Go with what is best for your family.  One of my favorite lines is “think outside the box”.  Do not be afraid to follow a different path, as long as it tries to make those that you are going to leave behind better than they were, when you first started out.  As a former manager of people in the workplace, I know that change always causes conflict.  Things that are new and different make people feel unsure and uneasy.  Also, do not be naive and think that your new way is the right way and everyone should agree and “follow you” as the leader.  The effective manager controls the conflict to get the results to be a minimum of 60% to the good and 40% to the bad.  If you can accomplish those figures or better, you are an effective manager, if not you are not a respected leader.   My father always told me that our family’s way of thinking is to “respect and be respected”.  Always choose the leader that you respect and then follow.  Most importantly, teach your children to do the same by your good example.  Remember you have a mental affliction.  You were “brainwashed”! 

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