Chapter 1 Episode 1. December 27, 2016 - "Holidays"

December 27, 2016

So, what exactly does the “holidays” mean? Is it a religious celebration about the birthday of a named deity figure?  Is it an excuse to get together with family members that you have no other reason to want to spend time with?  Is it a ploy by commercial business entities to try to ensure year-end profitability?  Is it an opportunity for non-Judeo Christians to have a good time with friends and family that their religious beliefs have no provision to do?  Is it just a time of the year that allows humanity to take a breath from everyday anxiety and replace it with colorful wrapping papered anxiety?  Is it a place in time when humans who dislike other humans remember that they are human and have an excuse to wish each other good stuff without having to admit that they really mean what they are saying to each other? Is it an invention by the Chinese restaurant industry to get Jewish people to buy more take-out foods? Probably, all of these statements, which are written above, in some combination.  Ahh, the “holidays” what an invention. As usual, just my warped opinion.

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Bonnie Gundersen Risoli
Bonnie Gundersen Risoli

December 05, 2018

Great site!! Thought provoking.

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