Sports Aren’t the Same Anymore - How to Still Enjoy a Game with Your Kids

September 16, 2020

Sports Aren’t the Same Anymore - How to Still Enjoy a Game with Your Kids

Watching sports with the kids is a family tradition. There’s just something about sharing some chips and dip while watching a ball game. The yell of the crowd and the fun of the game can be the perfect atmosphere to create some great family memories. With everything going on, though, watching sports in person may not be possible. Sports definitely aren’t the same right now, but here are some tips on how to still enjoy a game with your kids.

Sports Are Still a Great Bet for Family Bonding

This has been the year of different experiences and sports are no different. However, there are some simple ways to still enjoy sports given the new way things are happening. Being a good dad and having fun with sports can still be possible with a few small changes to your approach.

Do an at-home tailgate party

Tailgate parties are a long held tradition during sports season. While you may not want to grab your camping bag and gather with large crowds to do a tailgate party, you can still have an at-home tailgate party. This can be a fantastic way to laugh together as you prepare for a day of games as a family. The great thing about this is that you can modify the tailgate party to fit your favorite items and the ages of your kids. Here are a few ideas for an at-home tailgate party.

3 Ideas for an at home tailgate party

  • Theme it to your team. - When you are planning an at-home tailgate party, start by theming the party to the team. This could mean doing all spicy foods for the Miami Heat or Texas BBQ for the Cowboys. It can also help to let kids help you pick decorations that fit the theme. This can help you to make the theme of your tailgate party fun by connecting it to the team you are cheering on.
  • Theme it to the sport. - When planning a tailgate party you could also theme everything based on the sport you plan to watch. For basketball you might make a dip with the design of a basketball. For soccer, you could do a variety of snacks that would be designed to look like a soccer ball or goal.
  • Cater to the kids. - While some tailgate parties are not focused on the kids, with an at-home tailgate party you can really build everything around the interests and food preferences of children. You can also add in games and sports themed activities that are sure to be a hit. Let your children help you decorate or find ways to let them add small fun touches to the experience.

Find a fun way to watch the game. 

Watching the game on the TV can be boring for younger kids. Sometimes changing up the way you watch the game can make it more engaging for everyone. Even better, there are some simple and inexpensive ways to change up the way you watch the game. Kids of all ages can have fun watching sports in a new way. Here are a few fun ways to watch the game together.

3 New ways to watch sports with kids

  • Set up a projector and a large screen. - If you are looking to change things up, try setting up a projector and a large screen in the backyard or near the pool. This can give kids the chance to watch sports with you while also having the freedom to run around and play.
  • Add a game to it. - For younger kids, long sports games can be harder to focus on when they are home. Sometimes adding a game or special theme to it can help kids to engage more with the experience. Try filling a backpack with small prizes. As the team they like scores or makes a good move, let them win a small prize if they notice it. You could also play a version of bingo.
  • Give kids cheering gear for the team they like. - Children can enjoy things like pom poms, boom whackers, or other team merch that can be used for cheering on their team. Sometimes adding on these fun components can help children to have more fun watching a game with their parents. If there can’t be crowds at the game, let them be the crowd.
  • Get active on the commercials. -Sitting still and watching the game for a few hours is tough on anybody, especially your kids. So add some physical challenges on the commercial breaks. Fifty jumping jacks, twenty push ups, or any type of quick activity will help break up the sitting still and be a fun way for you to fight the dreaded “dad bod” too. Don’t forget to have that first-aid kit on hand, though, just in case the activity gets a little wild!

Help kids connect to the sport, players, and team

When kids feel connected to someone or something, they are more likely to engage with it. Take some time to let kids get to know the players or the team. Spending time helping them connect to these players and teams can make a world of difference. In fact, having a favorite team or player can help kids to want to spend more time watching the game. Here are a few ideas for helping kids connect to the sport, players, and team.

3 Ways to help kids connect to the sport, players, and team

  • Follow your favorite athletes’ social media. - Because of the current climate of things, many sports teams are living in “bubbles” and having to experience life in a different way. These accounts such as Instagram or even YouTube can be fun for kids to follow and see the adventures the players are having. This can also be a fun way to connect kids to the players.
  • Show them old highlights. - Sometimes showing kids the highlights of a player or team’s best moments can be really exciting for them. Seeing a variety of their best plays can help kids to really connect with a team or player. This can help them to better connect with the team or sport you are trying to share with them.
  • Get them their own team/player merch. - If kids have a favorite team or player it can help to give them merchandise that is themed to that player or team. This might mean picking up a jersey, blanket, or ball themed after the team they will be cheering on. Having this connection can be a fun way to connect kids to that sport while watching from home.

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