October 01, 2020

Halloween is just around the corner and for many comes the tradition of heading out trick or treating with the kids. This year doesn’t quite look the same. Some locations will still be doing trick or treating while others might be choosing more sheltered alternatives. So how you do you handle Halloween with the way the world is now? We have some tips on how to keep your kids safe while trick or treating whether you head out the traditional way or try something new.

How to keep your kids safe while trick or treating

Below you will find tips on multiple ways to celebrate Halloween safely. Pick the one that works for you or do a combination of multiple approaches. The goal is to have fun together as a family and make some great memories.

Keeping kids safe while trick or treating

One of the most popular ways to go trick or treating is to head out into the neighborhood and go door to door asking for treats. Many houses will still be taking part in traditional trick or treating. So how do you take part in this approach while keeping your children safe? Do things need to change? Here are a few tips for staying safe while trick or treating around your area.

5 Ways to stay safe trick or treating

  1. Have flashlights/glow sticks. - When heading out at night in costume it is important to have a flashlight or glow stick. These will help children to both see where they are going and communicate to cars passing by that they are there. Not everyone on the road on Halloween will see your child well. This is especially true if they are in a dark costume. And remember to shove a few extra batteries in your backpack to carry along just in case.
  2. Bring hand sanitizer along. - If your children are going to be taking candy out of a community candy bowl at someone’s door, they will need hand sanitizer to clean their hands before they move on. Keep a small hand sanitizer clipped onto your backpack for easy access.
  3. Don’t eat treats while out and about. - This is a tip that goes back as long as most people can remember. However, it is still true. Encourage children to wait to eat any candy/treats until it can be checked by an adult. This is even more true in light of current health related issues. So encourage your kids to keep their candy in that outdoor bag until they get back home to sift through carefully. (And beware the dad bod that may follow if you are careful with the candy yourself!)
  4. Stay with communities/neighborhoods you know well. - Staying in communities or neighborhoods you know well can be helpful as it will help avoid your child getting lost. This also means that you can focus on your surroundings and be able to go a different route if needed.
  5. Make sure to have contact information on your child, or memorized. - In the event that you do get separated, make sure your child has a way to contact you. This might mean making sure they have memorized your phone number or letting them wear a bracelet with your phone number on it. This will help them to get back to you as soon as possible.
  6. Tote a First Aid Kit. - And as any High Speed Daddy knows, you can never be too prepared, especially on a night where anything can happen. So have that first aid kit handy for little boo-boos on the road, it’s a great dad hack that other dads may not think of!

*Bonus tip - Make sure to check the weather on the night they will be trick or treating. It can be easy to either overheat or get too cold in a costume. Dress in layers or keep extra items in a backpack to wear later.

Keeping kids safe celebrating Halloween in a different way

In light of everything going on, you may not feel comfortable with traditional trick or treating. However, you may still want the fun of celebrating Halloween. While it may not look like it used to, there are still ways to have fun with Halloween. You can still create some fun activities that will be memorable. Whether you go to a socially distanced event, do a trunk or treat, or celebrate at home, you can still be a part of the fun. Here are a few ideas and ways to stay safe while enjoying them.

5 ways to celebrate Halloween without trick or treating and stay safe doing it

  1. Attend a socially distanced event. - There are many events showing up now that are promising to be socially distanced and offer a safe Halloween experience. Choose options like these to avoid traditional trick or treating. In order to stay safe, make sure to bring hand sanitizer, masks if they are required, and teach your children about any safety protocols in advance.
  2. Do a drive thru Halloween experience. - There are some locations that are offering a new experience with drive thru Halloween trick or treating events. With these events, candy is given to you in your car by a variety of people hosting the event in a safe way. When doing these experiences, make sure children know not to consume anything without it being checked by parents.
  3. Have a small Halloween outdoor party. - Do you have friends who are also choosing not to trick or treat? Have a small two-family get together with another family. You can play Halloween games, have a costume party, or have other fun activities that are sure to be fun for everyone. For these events, make sure to have an adult overseeing activities for the safety of each child.
  4. Trick or treat at home. - Trick or treating can still be a part of your Halloween experience with a few simple twists. Try a home trick or treat event. This would mean parents could hide the candy throughout the home or even in the backyard. Wait on the dark and then give each child a flashlight. In the same way that they would hunt for Easter eggs, they can hunt for candy. (Make sure to remember where you hid all of the candy.)
  5. Make it a family spooky movie night. - Maybe you can’t go out and experience Halloween the way you used to. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast. Instead, have a Halloween movie night at home. Watch a variety of your favorites while enjoying Halloween themed snacks. If you want to add some extra fun, let the children be in charge of the decorations. 

Bonus Tip - When planning any of the alternative approaches, take into account what makes Halloween special for your children. Is it the costumes, the candy, or something else? Find ways to make those special parts a part of your celebrations in ways that work for you.

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