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Stay at Home Fall Activities the Whole Family Will Enjoy

September 01, 2020

Stay at Home Fall Activities the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Fall brings back school, all things pumpkin, cooler weather, and a ton of great ways to have fun as a family. While you may not be able to go out and do the things you are used to this fall, there are still plenty of great things you can do together as a family. Some of these will be for fun while others will be perfect for memory making. Don’t let staying home make fall less fun. Here are some stay at home fall activities the whole family will enjoy.

Stay at home fall activities the whole family will enjoy


Who said you had to leave home to enjoy a campfire? Put together a fire pit in the backyard to enjoy as the weather starts to get cooler. Grab a bug out bag and you can have fun making s'mores or hot dogs on the fire. It’s also a great place to sit together and tell some of your favorite spooky stories or have a family Mad Libs night. If you are really ambitious, plan a family camping trip in the backyard. Spend some time together outside under the stars with a campfire for a fun twist on a stay at home fall night.

Family Game Night

Don’t underestimate the value of a family game night. Games can be adjusted to the age and skill level of the children in the household. For younger children, you might try games like memory or create your own hallway bowling alley. For older children games like Catan, Ticket to Ride, or Monopoly might be better. Recycle that rugged diaper bag and make a game bag. If you want to take game night outside, try games like cornhole, flashlight tag, or even a good old fashioned game of hide and seek. The goal is to spend some time together making memories and laughing together.

Cooking together

Fall is a fantastic time to get in the kitchen with your family. You could have fun with a chili contest or do a cookie decorating party. The goal is to get in the kitchen together and cook up something delicious. If you are looking to make it more special, take some time to teach your kids a family recipe. Passing down these recipes can be a wonderful bonding opportunity. It might mean sharing a famous pie recipe or finally teaching your kids the secret to the family’s top secret chili. Take some time this fall to get in the kitchen together and have some fun cooking up something delicious. And make sure it’s you, dad, in the kitchen showing what to do. Too often moms seem to take the lead, but it’s so important for dads to be seen, too.

Decorate the house

Fall is the perfect time to switch up the decor in the house. For some this will mean bringing in all things pumpkin, maple leaf, or even acorns. For others, this will mean starting out with spooky month preparations and getting the house a bit more spooky. Whichever one your family chooses, it can be a perfect chance to spend some time together. Children from every age can help in some way. Give everyone a job and let them take some ownership of the decorations in the house this fall.

Movie Night

Movie nights are a great way to get everyone together for some family time. Pick out a family favorite or try a new movie you haven’t seen before. Add some fun by doing a themed movie night. This could include costumes, themed snacks, and more to make this movie night even better. If your family has younger and older children, it might be good to do a movie night marathon where you watch something for the younger children first and then watch something the older ones can enjoy. Find some simple ways to make it fun and you are sure to make some family movie night memories.

Craft Together

Creating a special craft can be a really fun way to laugh with kids. Even better, the crafts don’t have to be incredibly involved to be special. Things like hand-print turkeys or fall murals can be fun to make with younger children. If you have older children, work on building a fall wreath or creating a fall art piece the family can enjoy. You can also work together on crafts that might interest the kids. By taking some time to create together you can find ways to make some fabulous memories together.

Give Back

Staying at home doesn’t mean that you can’t give back to others. In fact, there are some simple ways you can give back as a family from home. Take a night to clean out closets and bag up clothes for donations. Another great way to give back is to go through toys that the child may not play with anymore and donate them to an organization that can use them. If you are looking for a creative way to give back, it may be time for a family card making night. Make cards for families who live far away or adopt an elderly person in a nursing home to mail cards to.

Do a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be a fantastic way to engage the family towards a common goal. Have one member of the family design a fun scavenger hunt around the house or yard. You can split the children into teams or work together as a family. When the scavenger hunt is completed, you can do an ice cream sundae bar or have a fun incentive they can win. The goal is to get the family laughing together as they find their way through the scavenger hunt to the treasure at the end. Not creative? Head to Pinterest for a variety of pre-made scavenger hunt ideas that could help inspire you.

Create a Fall Garden

Fall can be a good time to plant some different things you might not be able to plant in warmer months. Take some time to research the flowers and foods that grow well in your area. You can do a simple planter or try something more involved depending on what you like. Some ideas might be to plant a raised bed or to do a potted planter. If you are looking for something special for fall, try something a bit more adventurous and plant foods that will grow in your area for fall.

Do Some Backyard Fishing

While you may not live near the ocean or on a lake or river, fishing is a backyard activity that can still be enjoyed. Drop some rings in your pool or just teach your kids how to string a reel and rod. Fly fishing technique can even be mastered on the back lawn. There are plenty of fishing gear gifts that can be enjoyed without going near an actual fishing hole! But always keep safety in mind, especially with little one and sharp hooks around. Have a survival kit of essentials handy just in case for all your family activities.

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