October 25, 2022

Have you been feeling overwhelmed lately? Or have you found yourself having no personal time? If you have, it might mean you need a little self-care. 

Whether your self-care spans days or only lasts a few hours, it’s crucial to make time for yourself. Self-care cantruly help you improve your mental well-being and, ultimately, be a better person, partner, and dad! 

Let’s not waste any more time and get right to the tips.

  • Be more physical.
  • In order to maintain good health, it’s crucial to ensure you’re getting enough physical activity. It’s easy to feel exhausted and fatigued after a long day. However, a few days out of the week, you should fight through the drowsiness and make time for exercise. Going to the gym or going for a morning jog can help you more than you know.

    If you’d like to incorporate your family, consider an activity like hiking! Just be sure to research the best trails for your family depending on the difficulty, as you don’t want to choose something too strenuous for everyone. A scenic hike will still help you get physical exercise while not overworking your family. So grab yourDad Bag and your loved ones, and start your wellness journey on the right foot!

    Remember, your physical health is important not just for you but for your family as well. Being physically fit allows you to play with your kid(s) at the park or run with your dog in the backyard.

  • Revamp your grooming routine.
  • Looking your best is one of the main components offeeling your best. As a dad, it may feel like you don’t have time to do even a 3 step skincare routine or spend time grooming yourself. However, you should prioritize making time.

    Not only does it help you with your self-confidence, but grooming can be very relaxing. One of the best times to do your routines is after you put your kid(s) to bed. Use this time to incorporate products like theCerave moisturizing cream and Kiehl's lip balm into your regimen. Hydration is essential as the weather gets colder, so these products are perfect additions. 

    For your hair care routine, don’t be afraid to introduce new products—especially ones that can help you be more confident in your hair. For example, if you’ve been experiencing hair thinning for quite some time, try researching hair growth products. You may find that you want to try ahair growth solution like finasteride pills or start implementing something like castor oil into your regimen.

  •  Go to see a doctor.
  • Don’t put off doctor's appointments unless it’s completely unavoidable! Yes, sometimes going to see your physician is thelast thing you want to do—whether it’s because you’ve got very little free time or because doctor’s visits make you nervous, getting a check-up can seem very inconvenient. However, scheduling regular exams is extremely important.

    Did you know that according toSummit Medical findings, over 40% of men only go to the doctor when they think they have a critical medical condition? Ignoring symptoms until you can’t isn’t the best practice, as catching most medical problems in the early stages is your best chance of overcoming your diagnosis. So don’t be that guy. Make your appointments—no matter how tedious.

  • Don’t ignore your stress.
  • Whatever's been stressing you out lately, let it go for a bit. Not allowing certain situations to cause you stress isn’t always the easiest, but itis doable for at least a few hours. So if that means asking your partner if they're comfortable taking care of the house while you have a moment to yourself—do it!

    Men’s mental health is highly stigmatized and has been for years, so showing emotion and expressing feelings is something many men are uncomfortable doing. Society tends to uphold this narrative that guys need to be “strong” every minute of every day. This narrative couldn’t be more wrong. You should feel comfortable expressing that you’re overwhelmed and may need a minute (or more) to yourself.

    With more than6 million men struggling with depression every year, listen to your mind and body when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You want to be the best version of yourself for you, your loved ones, and your kid(s). So take your mental health seriously and set a good example for them.

    The whole point of this article is to remind you to take care of yourself. Whether that means buying yourself something nice like theHigh Speed Daddy Woobie Hoodie or spending quality time with your family, you deserve the best!

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