Woobie Pillows

Introducing the Woobie Pillow: Because Even Your Dreams Need Tactical Comfort!

Attention, soldiers of slumber! We present to you the Poncho Liner Woobie Pillow, the covert op of all pillows, stealthily made from the same top-secret material as the legendary poncho liner woobie blanket. Get ready to experience a level of comfort and style that will have your civilian friends green with envy!

Deploy this versatile pillow anywhere you need a tactical nap: the couch, the recliner, or even the officer's chair (we won't tell). It's large enough to provide support for your tired noggin and small enough to pack away for a lightweight rucking adventure, ensuring you get the R&R you deserve. 

Built tough like a battle-hardened soldier, the Woobie Pillow can withstand whatever sleep mission you throw at it. It's designed to survive the roughest field conditions, so you can rest easy knowing it won't desert you in your time of need. This is one pillow that will stand tall, even when others have fallen apart.

Size:  17" x 11" 

Black Camo
Woodland Camo
Ranger Green
Multi Camo

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Chris Edwards

Exceptional craftsmanship on all three.
Jacket.. pillow and mini blanket.
I will be back.


Conner McQuiston
Incredible product

I bought the woobie hoodie for my step dad as a gift, and the woobie pillow as an add on thinking it’s funny. My cats fucking love the woobie pillow, much like my normal woobie. I’ll have to buy more pillows honestly.

Adam Curran
Good stuff

Good company