November 12, 2019

Selecting a gift for the dad in your life can be overwhelming. In fact, the National Retail Federation claims that 28% of shoppers look to retailers for ideas to shop for the dad in their life. So often dads are gifted ties, tools, and mugs from people who aren’t sure what to give them. We want to help you take the guesswork out of shopping for the dad in your life with these dad gift ideas for the dad in your life.

There are many different types of dads out there so we’re going to break these dad gift ideas into smaller categories. We hope to help you see gift ideas within a theme or do a full bag with a variety of gifts dads are sure to love. Do you want to know the best part? The dad in your life may be a combination of these types of dads. That means you can take a little bit from each category and find the perfect dad gift! 

Dad Gift Ideas

Index of Dad Gift Ideas

Hiking Dad Gifts
Fashionable Dad Gifts
Military Dad Gifts
Fitness Dad Gifts
Traveling Dad Gifts

Hiking Dad Gifts

Do you know a dad who loves to hike? His dream day would be to head out on a trail with the family for a hike. Don’t worry about shopping for a dad who loves to hike though. He’s easier to shop for than you think. Here are a few gift ideas for the hiking dad that are sure to help you check a dad off your list.


An Epic Trail Bag

Take to the trails with a bag that is perfect for helping to carry all the gear for a baby or carrying all of your hiking gear. The High Speed Daddy Bag works perfectly as a diaper bag but it’s also the type of bag that will work for you well after you have passed the baby phase.

With multiple pockets, insulated storage areas, and ample storage, it’s sure to be a hit for any hiker! The same key features that work great for a diaper bag work well for the hiker you know. Many of the items listed below can be easily stored in this bag for a hike.

Insulated Thermos

Staying hydrated while hiking doesn’t have to be difficult. Get the hiker in your life an insulated thermos to help them bring something along on the trail. You can get a customized thermos to add a special touch to it for dad. Looking to do something a little more with your thermos gift? Add hydration packets with your thermos to add some flavor to the gift or water filtration straws for the trail. 

Best Hiking shares some tips on picking the best water bottle for hiking.

Thermos options for hiking:

GPS Watch/Device

Sometimes the best gifts for hikers are the practical ones that help them find their way home safely. Choosing a quality GPS device may be just the gift for the dad in your life. You can find more help in tips for picking a GPS on The Adventure Junkies.

GPS Device Options

Hiking Apparel

Hiking can be a great adventure and with it comes clothing to better enjoy the experience. Picking up items like convertible pants that switch to shorts, (aff link) lightweight water wicking shirts, (aff link) hiking jackets, (aff link) or hiking shoes. (aff link) Need tips for picking hiking apparel? Eastern Mountain Sports shares a guide to picking the right hiking apparel for you.

Hiking Apparel Options

Survival Gear

There are some fantastic survival gear options out there for hikers to enjoy. Whether you are picking out a favorite walking stick, (aff link) first aid kits, (aff link) tactical gear, (aff link) and an emergency kit. Sometimes the best gift you can give the hiker in your life is the gift of safety. Looking for tips on building a survival kit? Backpacker shares tips to help you.

Survival Gear Options

Fashionable Dad Gifts

Do you know a dad who is all about the latest trends? Finding gifts that fit with the latest trends can be difficult but it isn’t impossible. Help your fashion-forward dad look his best and be prepared for any fashion situation with these fashionable dad gift ideas.

Fashion Emergency Kit

The dad in your life doesn’t have to be caught in a fashion emergency. Use the emergency kit bag to create your own fashion emergency kit for dads. What should you include? Fill it with a sewing kit for small tears or lost buttons, beard oil, cologne, nail kit, and so much more.

Fashion Emergency Kit Items to Include

Stylish Tech

Style doesn’t stop with the wardrobe. Gift the dad on your list the best with stylish tech. Things like specialty headphones, watches, and phones add more to any fashionable look and make great gifts for the dad in your life.

Stylish Tech Options


Pick some of the most trendy clothes and options for the dad in your life. Make sure to find out what his favorite fashions are to avoid a fashion faux pas. The great thing about fashion is that you can pick an option that best suits the dad in your life and that fits your budget. Struggling to find the right option? Try a gift card instead.

Fashion on purpose

There are many organizations out there that offer fashion options that fund organizations and causes that matter. Give the dad in your life a gift that gives back to others. Some examples of this are Sevenly, Puravida, Mabira, and Lemlem.

Fashion Subscription Box

You may not know all of the fashionable items out there that your fasion loving dad might enjoy but these monthly subscription boxes will. You can choose to send one a month or send a one month gift box.

Stitch Fix for Men
Gentleman’s Box - Subscription starts at $29
Basic Men - Subscriptions start at $20
Trunk Club - Subscriptions start at $40
Frank and Oak - Subscriptions start at $25
Menlo Club - Subscription starts at $60
Sprezza Box - Subscription starts at $28

Fitness Dad Gifts

Do you have a dad in your life who loves a good workout and values his health? Are you hoping to give him the perfect gift to help him pursue his health while doing incredible at dad life? This list of dad gifts for fitness-minded dads is sure to be a hit.

A Perfect Gym Bag

Many dads bring their kids along with them when they head to the gym to workout. However, most dads don’t want to carry a gym bag and a diaper bag in order to do so. The Diaper Bag Backpack is the perfect alternative for dads who want all the functionality of a quality diaper bag without the fluffy unicorns and baby pink coloring that is so common of most diaper bags. Gifting a bag like this means giving a bag that can let the dad in your life go to the gym in style.

Workout Gear

Gear up your favorite fitness dad with items like weights, rollers, and kettle bells. Find out what must have fitness items are on his wish list and help him to pursue his fitness goals. You can also go with items like resistance bands(link) to help him train when he can’t make it to the gym.

Workout Gear Options

Workout Tech

Help the fitness-loving dad in your life fuel his workouts with the tech that is sure to help him push further and accomplish even more. With items like earbuds,(link) heart rate trackers,(link) and even blenders(link) for a post-workout smoothie.

Workout Tech Options

Workout Apparel

When the dad in your life is heading to the gym or out for a run he needs apparel that will work with him and not against him. According to Everyday Health it is very important that you find things that have the right fit for your body. Because of this, please make sure to talk to the dad in your life about the sizes and specs he might need. If you don’t want to go that route, it might be better to go with a gift card in order to ensure proper fit.

Gym Membership or Training

Looking for a special gift for a fitness fan? You can do a gift basket of some of the above and give them a certificate for a gym membership or for training with a personal trainer they may have been looking at. Treat the dad in your life to a gym membership or training.

Fitness Subscription Box

There are some fantastic companies out there that offer monthly fitness boxes that will ship directly to the dad in your life. Make him smile year-round with a special box or send a one time box to let him try out some new fitness items.

Subscription Box Options

Fitness Snack Pack

Fill a gift basket or lunch bag with healthy items that will make your fitness loving dad smile. This could mean protein bars or shakes, healthy pre/post-workout snacks, or gift cards for a post-workout smoothie at the gym.


Military Dad Gifts

Whether he is active duty or not, he will always be a military dad and this is your chance to make his day. However, it can be hard to pick military dad gifts. It doesn’t have to be though. We are happy to help you find the perfect gift for the military dad in your life.

Dad Bag

Who said the dad in your life had to settle for a pink or baby blue diaper bag? Help the military dad in your life transition back to civilian life with a bag that fits his comfort level. The High Speed Daddy Backpack is fully functional for everything the dad will need for his baby but it moves beyond that. This bag is also durable and fully functional for any of the other interests this military dad might have beyond being a dad.

Military Mementos

His time in the service matters to him and you can find some great gifts out there to help him remember his time in the service and the branch he served/serves with. This can mean a ring, photo book, or even a shadow box of some of his best memories in the service.

Veteran Owned Company Gifts

Support a veteran while gifting the military dad in your life with gifts made or sold by military gifts. We spent some time looking up companies and here are a few companies you can buy from that are run by either a member of the military or a veteran.

GruntStyle Apparel
Ranger Up Apparel
Knuckle Draggers Union Apparel
Alpha Coffee
Black Rifle Coffee
Dashfire Beards
Combat Flip Flops

Emergency Snack Pack

Everyone has a favorite food and the military dad in your life is no different. Why not put together an emergency snack pack filled with some of his favorite goodies? Looking to add another special touch? Add a gift card or tickets to an experience they’ve wanted to have.


Traveling Dad Gifts

Do you have a dad in your life who would live on the road if possible? Finding gifts for the traveler in your life doesn’t have to be hard. There are so many incredible gifts out there to make his travels even better while helping you mark another item off your shopping list.

Travel Bag

Whether traveling with the family or on his own, a dad needs a good bag. The High Speed Daddy bag can work great as a diaper bag or for an on the go option when traveling solo. This bag is incredibly durable and would be the ideal solution for a plane, train, or even for a road trip. With plenty of storage space it is perfect to fit in snacks, diapers, cameras, or travel items.

Comfort Items

Traveling can be amazing but it can also be draining. Finding comfort items for traveling can be just what the traveling dad in your life needs most. Options could include blankets(link) for a flight, comfort neck pillows,(link) or a good book to read while traveling.

Comfort Item Options

Technology Gifts

One of the best things about traveling is the ability to capture memories while on the go. Give the dad in your life the gift of technology to help him capture those memories. Items like portable chargers, cameras, and earbuds can be great for any travel fan.

Technology gift ideas for travelers

Travel Kits

If you are looking for a way to personalize the gift a bit more, create a special travel kit filled with travel items that are special to your specific travel dad. This could include favorite snacks, memory cards for cameras, chargers for devices, and so much more!

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