Chapter 2 Ep. 1 January 20, 2018 - "America’s Real Addiction Crisis"

February 23, 2018

     The human race, as we know it, is killing itself.  Our minds are being taken over by our own minds.  Sounds redundant, right?  We are a highly intelligent species, and that is the problem.  Our minds crave stimulation.  Since the invention of the magic rectangular box we refer to as a television, our minds are being manipulated to not interact with other human beings.  Think about it!!  That rectangular black box and all the other electronic communication devices that have followed are turning us into walking and talking repetitive parrots. We repeat whatever the “talking heads” tell us.  We listen to people who sing musical notes nicely and believe that they are better and smarter than us.  We praise athletes that are seen on the pixel display board, as if they are the direct descendants of ancient gods.  We have been programmed to watch and admire other humans who have the ability to convince us that they are other people because they live in New York or Los Angeles and are “stars”.  We have all been brainwashed.      It started for me when a wooden dummy, named Howdy Doody, convinced an impressionable child, that it was real while watching that thing on that 9 inch black and white tube.  I have been addicted ever since.  It shaped my first thoughts about Native Americans.  I thought all of their “squaws” were Princesses, wore pretty beaded custom fitted buckskin dresses, had lovely braided blonde hair, were magazine model beautiful, great singers, had names that were poetic, and absolutely adored all white men, funny looking little freckled boys, and clowns!  Yes, I was in love with Princess Summerfallwinterspring.       This was my first exposure into the downward spiral of visual stimulated addiction and the start of my brain turning into mush. Before TV, I was glued to the talking box, radio, with those controllable dials, that sat on the counter and made music, gave sports scores, and shaped my moral and political beliefs.  Then the invention of the transistor made it portable and I could be brainwashed 24/7/365, if I chose to do so.  Television was the real hook.  Real people, obviously smarter than me because that is how you got in front of that magical camera, saying things that I should never question as being the truth.  My teachers telling me to watch certain world events, my parents sitting next to me absorbing the same beautifully flowing words, sounds, and messages emanating from that box.  That box telling me to go the movie theater to worship regular humans who were to be admired as being above our lowly lives because they were movie or television stars. The politicians and news reporters were also to be revered as being above question when it came to their honor and truth.       The brainwashing continued to turn my brain to mush until, as a sophomore in high school I started to question the realities of my life.  It started when I wrote an expose on the weekend drinking habits of the men in the religious order who were my teachers.  I was kicked off of the school newspaper because I would not retract my article.  So much for freedom the press!  It was then I realized that it was all a scam.  The news, television, radio and all other electronic forms of communication is controlled by money.  Whatever the money says to do is what you hear and see.  Everything else is hidden.  The power brokers of the media are just like the rest of propaganda mongers of the past.  The high priests of ancient Egypt, the oracles of Greece, the senators of Rome, the Chiefs of tribes, the Earls, Dukes, Kings, Mullahs, Emirs, religious prophets, Popes, etc, etc, were all just manipulators, liars, and thieves.  The only truth is what you believe.  The man in the mirror is your conscious as to who is real and who is a fake.      We are at a terrible crossroad as humans.  These vile electronic visual stimulation devices have evolved into objects that have enslaved some of the minds of our species so that, humans will walk into oncoming traffic, operates moving vehicles without watching where they are going, sit in a room with their closest relatives and ignore them, and believe as true everything that they hear and see without question.  Computers, iPhones, tablets, driving direction devices, drones, robots, etc, etc, have all replaced our humanity.      Our children are at risk much more than I was when that evil Howdy Doody first enticed me with his sinister lies.  Force your kids to talk to you.  Keep them protected from the wooden headed dummies on the electronic devices.  Trust no one except the man in the mirror.  Yes, it is time to go to war against Sesame Street.  It is time to rip the feathers off of Big Bird and cast off the addiction. -HighSpeedPoppa

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