Chapter 1 Episode 2  January 7, 2017 - "Resolutions"

January 06, 2017

Now that the “holidays” are over, all you “high achiever’s” will get all “antsy” about “New Years Resolutions”!!!  Why?  What life will bring you is not all planned.  Life is a journey that you will have to adapt to along the way.  The “resolution” part is the guts and determination to make good choices rather than selfish or self-serving choices, in this upcoming year, which will benefit and protect your family and not just yourself.  Yes, everyone wants to look and feel better by eating better and working out.  Except me!!
When you get to my age, Poppa Age, you look back and say what the heck was I thinking when I wanted to make time for own self improvement in the way of looks, and then getting all upset that I never found the time to do it?  Yes, you heard it before.  Been there done that!  Life got in the way of me being selfish.  Examples are the rather large motorcycle I stopped riding when my first child was born and then sold, after it sat in the garage for 20, yes TWENTY, years with under 500 miles on it.  It is the peacefulness of sitting in a tree stand in the solitude of the woods waiting for that legal animal to walk into my kill zone.
These are just some examples of selfish escapism from my “New Years Resolution” past that I could not make time for and felt “antsy” about in my life’s past.  They would have taken time away from my real mission in life.  That mission was an honorable one.  It was to leave a legacy that was better than me.  So, I say as this new year comes at you from all these aggressive and dangerous points of negative peril, be resolute, be bold, exhibit courage, and accept the firmness of belief in yourself and your relentlessness to achieve a goals greater than yourself.  Keep your eye on your target.
In the meantime make those resolutions and try to get to them.  You say why, based on what I have previously written about??  Because it is part of life to suffer some, suck it up and deal with it!  When you get to “Poppa Age” you will have the time to do some of the things that you do not really have the time to currently accomplish.  You will have the time and pleasure of asking one of your grand kids parents, “Do you have an old non-used much motorcycle for sale that is just sitting in your garage?”.   When I ask that question, my “mission” will be considered successfully accomplished.

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