March 11, 2021

Crafting with your kids brings you together. There is nothing like building something to make your relationship even closer. Kids love to be helpful, and they especially love creating. Getting their imagination and creativity flowing helps bolden their intuitiveness and intelligence all around.

Embrace the mess

Especially with spring around the corner, there are so many fun crafts to enjoy with your kids. The best way to craft is in a space you can get messy but don’t mind. Whether it’s the kitchen table or outside, embrace the mess and let your kids have fun!

Keep in mind, the most fun spring crafts usually involve lots of flowers, birds, colors, bunnies, and pastels. Yep, just like spring itself, these crafts are full of fun and color! Make sure you have a bunch of options for your kids and let them go wild with their choices. They’ll remember how much fun and hands-on you were as a dad, not that you made a pink flower.

Best Spring Crafts

Here are the best spring-inspired crafts for all ages. Gather your crafting tools (think markers, popsicle sticks, pom-poms, paint, paper, construction paper, etc.) and create a space where you and your kids can have a fun afternoon full of crafts.

  1. Coffee Filter Butterflies: whether or not you’re a coffee drinker, this one is for you. All you need are a few colorful markers and coffee filters to make a really cool craft! This one is fun to make and looks like magic to your kids. Hang up your butterflies by the door for a great reminder of your afternoon together.
  2. Fork Stamped Tulips: this one involves paint - remember to embrace the mess - and forks. It’s pretty simple to assemble and get it right. Let them make as many flower-filled fields that they want, you really can’t go wrong with a fork stamp!
  3. Paper Plate Flowers: another simple craft anyone can do. Fill your living room with flowers for mom, or make a paper-plate bouquet!
  4. Shaving Cream Easter Eggs: this one also involves shaving cream and paint. It looks so awesome when it’s done and dry, and is super easy to do.
  5. Spring Tree Crafts: trees are in full bloom during the spring. Tree crafts allow for conversations about growth and blooming all year round. 

After-Craft Aftermath

Crafting with your kids also allows you to teach them responsibility and picking up after yourself. When you’re done with your crafts, hang them up to dry or put them where they will live this spring, and then engage them in cleaning up! You don’t have to clean up by yourself - your kids can also learn that fun things also require a bit of responsibility so you can continue doing more fun things in the future. Remember, kids love a job so make sure you delegate doable, age-appropriate ones to them.

Send us some pictures of your crafts on Facebook and Instagram. We love seeing how you spend time with your families, especially when it’s creating something new.

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