May 05, 2023

What Kind Of Blanket Is Best For Camping?

If you love the outdoors, then you are bound to be a person who enjoys camping. Concerning camping, it’s best to be well-equipped with everything before setting off on your camping trip.

One of the most vital things you should take is a blanket. You may wonder, “What kind of blanket is best for camping?”

This post covers what makes the best camping blanket and how you should choose one.

What Are The Essentials When Camping

Here is a list of the essentials to take on your camping trip:


Your camping trip will be a disaster without a tent to stay in. It’s where you’ll be protected from the effects of the harsh weather and other elements.

Your tent is where you can stay and sleep comfortably during your camping trip. It should have enough space to accommodate everyone sleeping inside it and ample space to store your essentials.

Sleeping Bag

Resting on a bed of leaves may sound fun, but it won’t keep you warm when the sun goes down. Insects may also occur upon your unswaddled body due to direct contact with them.

A sleeping bag is the best way to sleep comfortably while camping outdoors. It’s also excellent for kids as they toss and turn without a sleeping bag at night.


A blanket is the best way to stay cozy while camping. Blankets for camping are durable, packable, and specifically made for the outdoors.

Some factors to consider when buying a camping blanket are material, weight, purpose, durability, and weather condition.

Weather-Appropriate Clothing

It’s vital to have a few changes of clothes available when you go camping. It’s also essential to keep these clothes dry. That’s why you need to pack weather-appropriate clothing for your camping trip.

Pack a lightweight, waterproof rain jacket that will accommodate several layers of clothing. You must consider getting an additional rain bag to protect your camping gear, especially if your blanket doesn’t cover your backpack too.


A campfire would light up the surroundings but won’t help for more than six feet in any direction.

That is why you need adurable flashlight to locate any item inside or outside your tent. It’s also beneficial in illuminating your path when going out in the woods.

Campers also prefer using headlamps because of their hands-free functionality.

How To Choose The Best Camping Blanket?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best blanket for your camping trip. Here is a guide on choosing a camping blanket that fits all your needs.


Warm Weather

Typically, a temperature above 60 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be warm. The best camping blanket to use in this type of climate is one that is insulated. Moisture or sweat-wicking would be an excellent feature to look for in a camping blanket.

Even if it’s hot outside, you still need cover while camping. You often find insects in places where it’s hot, so you need to keep them away from you.

Cold Weather

Camping in the cold weather is a challenging task. Cold weather is typically temperatures that fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You may also need to consider the wind chill too.

Choose a warm camping blanket that traps heat, insulates, and staves off hypothermia.

Wet Weather

A waterproof blanket is essential if you are camping in wet weather. It will help you stay comfortable and safe during your camping trip. It will not feel hot if you’re soaking wet in a warm climate.

A quick-drying microfiber towel is also ideal when camping in rainy conditions. Using this towel, you can dry off completely before using a waterproof camping jacket.


The weather significantly influences which fabric or material is best for a camping blanket. Here are some materials used for camping blankets, along with their properties.


Wool is a natural fiber that insulates even when it’s wet. The military uses wool blankets up to this day. Wool blankets are moisture-wicking and fire-resistant too. 

However, some find wool blankets to be slightly uncomfortable. Another con is that drying takes a long time, which can be challenging to use in rainy conditions. Wool is also very heavy and bulky compared to other materials.

Plastic (Emergency/ Thermal)

An emergency or thermal blanket is made of plastic or foil and is mainly used by medical professionals. These blankets are made of thin and heat-reflective plastic sheeting that can trap heat. These blankets fold up nicely and are perfect for packing. 

However, the downside is that these blankets are not very durable. They aren’t the most comfortable blankets to sit on or sleep under.


Polyester is a synthetic, fire-resistant, waterproof, lightweight, and warm type of fiber. It is an excellent insulating material even when it’s wet. Polyester is also sweat-wicking and highly durable. Therefore, it is the perfect blanket for most types of weather.

Polyester is quick-drying and can be left to dry by itself. However, it doesn’t do well in extreme heat due to shrinking. 

Weight/ Size

Weight and size are also essential factors to consider when buying a blanket for camping. The primary purpose of the blanket is to keep you warm and dry, but you should be able to carry it with you as well.

Weight and size of your blanket matters depending on the type of activities you have planned for your trip. If you go on day hikes or multi-day treks, you must consider the weight and size of your blanket.

However, weight and size don’t become an issue if you plan to drive up to a camp spot.


The other factor is for what you plan to use your blanket, as they are multi-purpose. Do you plan to use it primarily as an extra layer or as a beach towel, picnic blanket, rain cover, tarp, or yoga mat?

For example, their own insulated and cozy camping blankets are not the best tarps. Therefore, how you plan to use the blanket matters when choosing one.


Durability is a Vital factor to consider when buying any camping essentials. It’s especially true if you’re a frequent camper. You don’t want to be changing your gear after every few camping trips.

Consider the quality and durability of the blanket you are buying. Look for customer reviews and feedback to determine if it’s the best blanket for you.

The Best Blanket For Camping

Woobie Poncho Liner blanketsare the best, especially for outdoor adventures like camping trips.

It’s a multi-purpose blanket as you can use it as a picnic blanket, swaddle, or even a cape to unleash your inner superhero characteristics.

Here’s what you get with Woobie Poncho Liner blankets.

  • They come in 2 different sizes and multiple color patterns
  • They come with matching stuff sacks
  • They have a Polyester Batting Insulation
  • They are incredibly soft and durable

Types Of Blankets Used For Camping

Below are the different types of blankets used for camping.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are the most common type of blanket used for camping. They are compact and portable and are ideal to carry on your camping trip.

Wherever you are off to, you can roll up your sleeping bag and set off on your adventure. They are the go-to option for hikers. Sleeping bags are preferred because they can cover you from head to toe.

Puffy Down Blankets

Puffy down blankets provide warmth and comfort. They feel like sleeping bags, except that they are more flexible and can be laid on the ground to sit on. They are lightweight and take up less space compared to sleeping bags.

However, puffy down blankets may not be able to cover you on all sides as sleeping bags do.

Heated Blankets

An excellent heated camping blanket is ideal to use in winter. They provide extra warmth and are highly beneficial in harsh, freezing conditions.

However, these blankets typically run on electricity or batteries. Therefore, they need to be plugged in or charged and are ideal for those who camp in campervans. There are electric blankets and bakery-operated heated blankets.


The best camping blanket provides you warmth and comfort and keeps you safe while you sleep.

Some factors you need to consider when choosing a camping blanket include material, weather, durability, weight, and purpose.

Wool blankets are commonly used because they provide excellent warmth. There are also different types of blankets, like sleeping bags, puffy down blankets, and heated blankets. Sleeping bags are the most commonly-used blankets for camping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Camping Blanket?

Camping blankets provide an extra layer to keep people warm around a campfire. They are also designed as sleeping bags to keep campers warm to freezing nighttime temperatures.

What Material Blanket Is Best For Camping?

The best blanket material for camping is wool, as it is breathable, windproof, water-resistant, and dust-repellent.

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