October 25, 2020

Are you working on gift shopping for the coming holiday season? Shopping for the dad in your life can be overwhelming. Often wives will opt for a custom shirt from the kids or socks and a tie. While these gifts can be a go-to that there is nothing wrong with, there are some other fun options to try if you are looking for something new. Here are a few Dad gifts dad will want this year.

Dad Gifts Dad Will Want

Fishing Gifts

If you have a fishing fan in the house, you can put together a variety of special gifts for the fisher in your family. Not only can you pick out a fun gift, you can pick out items that are sure to stand the test of time. Even better, these gifts can be purchased at a variety of price ranges. Here are a few ideas for fishing gifts the dad in your life is sure to enjoy.

  • Fishing Bag - A quality fishing bag can be a big help for the fisher in your life. Pick a bag that is durable with room for multiple items to be stored. You will also want to make sure to get a bag that will hold a variety of gear that is easy to access! When choosing a fishing bag, make sure that items like tackle gear will fit easily in the bag.
  • Tackle Set - Depending on the type of fishing the dad in your life is into, you can find quality tackle sets that will get him ready for his next fishing trip. If you are unsure which gear to use, talk to the people at the shop about the type of fishing the dad in your life prefers. A quality shop will be able to help you.
  • Fishing Gear - Items like fishing sunglasses, filet knives, fishing nets, scissors, and more are perfect for the fisher in your life. Make sure to include quality items that will work well for a long time. Spend some time researching reviews to be sure that the items you select are going to last long and handle a long fishing trip.
  • Fishing Apparel - Items like rain jackets, fishing boots, fishing vests, and rain bibs can be important for a fisher who is out on a fishing trip. Pick out items that match the type of fishing the dad in your life prefers. If you struggle with which items are best, ask at a local outdoor shop near you. Before purchasing, spend some time researching the options they offer to verify that they are the best options for the dad you are shopping for. 

Hiking Gifts

Do you have a dad in your life who loves to hike? Getting out on the trails together can be a perfect way to spend time together as a family or give dad some much needed time to himself. Hiking is more than a pair of good boots and a trail though. There is so much more that you can pick to give the hiker in your life. Here are a few hiking gifts the dad in your life would love to receive.

  • Quality Hiking Bag - Hiking with a quality bag can be a game changer for any hiker. If the hiker in your life doesn’t have a quality bag yet, make sure to get one with plenty of space for the different things he’ll need. This will include pockets for small items that are easy to get to and big spaces for other gear.
  • Hiking Apparel - Picking the right apparel options can make or break hiking trips. Picking out quality hiking apparel can be the perfect gift for the hiker in your life. Items like hiking boots that are well made can help make his next hiking trip even better. Some options to consider are hats, well made socks, shoes, and rain gear.
  • First Aid Kit - A quality first aid kit is a must have for the hiking dad in your life. Fill it with items like bandages, ice packs, heating packs, ace bandages, scissors, and more. Having these items on hand can help to keep him safe when he is on a hike. A few other items to consider might be insect bite creams, pain medications, and sunscreen/sunburn treatments.
  • Navigation Gear - Not all trails are as easy to navigate. Gifting items like compasses, GPS navigators, or a smart watch can be the perfect gift for a hiker. When you purchase these items make sure to spend some time researching the reviews and quality statements about each product. You will want to look at different options and how they will help the dad in your life to navigate the trails.
  • Emergency Hiking Kit - When heading out hiking there are some emergencies that can arise. Gifting an emergency hiking kit can be a game changer. Some items to include in this kit would be extra granola bars, warm gloves, socks, a GPS device, head lamps, a quality knife, fire, extra food, extra water, and dry clothes. 

Camping Gifts

Camping is a well known pastime for many men. There’s just something about getting into nature and pitching a tent. Dads who enjoy camping can be easy to shop for. Whether it is a family camping trip or just a guy’s retreat, there are so many items on the market to make camping more fun and safer. Here are some camping gift ideas dad is sure to love.

  • Camping Bag - A good camping bagis always a win! Fill it with camping gear he might need or even some of his favorite camping foods for a fun gift idea. When choosing a camping bag, make sure items are easy to get to and that the bag itself is very durable. You want a bag that will handle the elements well while carrying a variety of items large and small.
  • A High Quality Tent - Not all tents are created equal. When choosing a tent for camping ask yourself how many people are going to use it, where will it be used, what season will it be used, what are you willing to spend, does it include everything you need for setup, and what is the best tent for your budget? These factors will help you to research the proper tent for the dad in your life.
  • Items to Sleep Comfortably - Sleep can be so important to a good camping trip. Items such as sleeping bags, pillows, and flashlights can make a world of difference. When choosing a sleeping bag, research one that will handle the elements and accommodate the time of year he tends to camp. Ask about the temperature a sleeping bag can take and verify that it can be easily rolled up for storage.
  • Camping Tools - Setting up camp can require the help of certain tools. Take some time to pick up items he is sure to use while out camping on his own or with the family. Some options include pocket multi-tools, duct tape, extra cord, a mallet for hammering tent spikes, air mattress repair kit, tent repair kit, and an axe for cutting firewood. When picking out tools, make sure to read reviews and verify they can be used in the season and landscape he’ll be camping in. Don’t forget that emergency first aid kit, too.
  • Cooking Items - Cooking while camping can be simplified by adding some compact items to the camping gear dad carries with him. Items such as pans, utensils, a sharp knife, foil, a high-quality thermos, or even fire starters are sure to simplify his life and make camping more enjoyable. 

Family Time Gifts

Spending time together as a family can be a true treasure to any dad. Whether the kids are younger or older, this time can mean the world to him. Some of the best gifts you can give, give dad the chance to spend more time with the family he loves so much. Even better, many of the family time gifts you can buy are not overly expensive. Here are a few family time gifts dad is sure to appreciate.

  • Board Games/Card Games - Family game night can be a perfect time to make memories together. There is something to be said about laughing together while competing at a favorite game. Many games can be chosen based on the age of the children. There are games for younger children such as a candy land or operation. You can also pick games for older children to enjoy with dad such as Catan or Ticket to Ride. The goal is to find a game dad will want to play with the family.
  • Tickets/Experiences - There are many experiences that a dad can enjoy with the family. Pick up tickets to something you know he’s wanted to experience with the family. This could mean a trip to a local theme park, tickets to a new movie coming out, or an escape room he’s wanted to try out. Getting tickets to experiences instead of physical gifts can ensure that you get more quality time throughout the year.
  • Plan a Family Outing - Take dad out on a family outing he doesn’t have to plan. This can mean putting together a full backpack for a hike, taking a family fishing trip, or even a simple picnic. A lunch bag filled with his favorite goodies can be a game changer. You can also put together a family staycation in your area and visit some of the local attractions you have never visited before.
  • Think about family hobbies - When picking a family time gift for the dad in your life, take a look at the hobbies your family enjoys. Does the dad in your life love to build puzzles, grill out in the backyard, or head out for a long walk through the woods? Pick out items that will help him enjoy these times with the family even more. Items like a puzzle table, grilling tools, or a backpack filled with items for a family are all excellent options. 

DIY Gifts

Sometimes the best gifts are the gifts the family spends time making for dad. These gifts can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. Some will require a large budget while others can be done for next to nothing. Even better, this gets kids involved in the gift giving process. Here are a few DIY gifts dad is sure to love.

  • Photos of his family in a fun way - Take some time to do a photoshoot of the family revolving around a theme. Maybe dad is a sports fan and you can do a photoshoot focused on his favorite team. Maybe he’s a fisherman and you can do pictures of the kids out fishing with dad. The idea here is to find ways to gift the dad in your life pictures he can treasure for years to come.
  • Handprint crafts - Whether you do a simple handprint on a shirt, make a handprint ornament from salt dough, or do handprints of the family in a garden stones, handprint gifts can be a special memory most dads will treasure. Add some fun to it by customizing the handprint craft to something that dad enjoys like a favorite sports team or include a handprint with a list of things your kids love about their dad.
  • Family Movie Night Kit - Family movie nights can be a great time to spend together. Take some time to put together a family movie night kit. Include some of his favorite foods, movies he has wanted to see, and a few cozy blankets to cuddle up on the couch. Add an extra flare to this by gifting dad a projector so you can have an outdoor movie night.
  • Practical storage - Most dads have a collection of tools, gear for their favorite hobby, or even items they treasure. Work with the kids to build a shelf or storage setup for these items. This might mean putting together a bookshelf and adding personal elements to it or having the kids help decorate jars for all of the smaller items he keeps and needs to organize. Have some fun with creating a storage option for some of his favorite things. 

Workout Gifts

Some dads are more into fitness than others. For some, there is a passion and a love for working out. Shopping for dads like this can be hard for some as they are very picky about their gear. However, there are actually quite a few options to consider when shopping for the workout dad in your life. Here are some workout gifts dad is sure to enjoy.

  • Quality Gym Bag - For a dad who loves to workout a quality gym bag can be a game changer. When choosing a gym bag, pick one that will have ample space for his clothing and any gear he might need for working out. You will also want one with multiple options for storage as well as pockets for things like his wallet and keys. Make sure to pick a bag that will fit easily in the lockers at the gym he attends.
  • Proper Shoes - The type of workout a dad enjoys most will dictate the type of shoes he needs. For instance, a runner will not need the same shoes as a strength trainer might. Take some time to find out what he needs most. Do some research on the types of shoes that are best for him. It can also be smart to get a gift card for a fitting of the proper gym shoes.
  • Workout gear - Items like a good water bottle, proper weights, or resistance bands can be the perfect gift for the dad in your life. Take some time to look at his typical workout routine. What does he use most often that might need an upgrade? For instance, the dad in your life may want a higher quality workout outfit or the next level up in weights.
  • Memberships/Training - Gifting a gym membership can be the best gift for the dad in your life who loves to workout. Another option would be to pay for sessions with a professional trainer who can help him take his workout to the next level. Take some time to speak with your local gym about gift packages they offer for gifting training sessions or memberships to someone.
  • Power Up Fuel - Working out may not be everything a dad needs to change up. It’s just as important to pay attention to the proper fuel to power through a workout and to properly recover afterwards. A lunch bag with protein bars, branch-chain amino acids, water bottles, and even protein powder for a shake after is a thoughtful way to let Dad know you are thinking about him. 

Military Gifts

Did the dad in your life serve in the military? Take some time to honor that part of his life with a special gift. Shopping for an active duty or veteran service member doesn’t have to be hard. There are many options on the market that are sure to make him smile. Even better, these options range in price from low cost to higher priced items. Here are a few military gifts dads will enjoy.

  • Display Mementos - Items like dog tags, photos from active duty, uniforms, and more can be special mementos from his time in the service. Some options for displaying these could enjoy a shadowbox, special shelf, or even a cabinet for his memories. Take some time to show him that these items matter to you as much as they matter to him.
  • Custom Items - There are many shops online that offer items that can be customized to represent his military service. Some options include watches, clocks, compasses or plaques. When researching custom items make sure to find out which dates and names matter most to the dad in your life. Find ways to honor the moments that matter most to him.
  • Military Apparel - One way to make the military dad in your life smile is to pick out clothing and other apparel that can remind him of the good things from his time in the service. Shirts that represent his branch of the military or key chains are always popular. You could also get him a custom first aid kit or backpack with patches that represent his service to the country. 

Food Gifts

Some dads love to cook and others just really love to eat. Picking out food inspired gifts can be a delicious gift option for the dad in your life. Even better, you can pick out items from a variety of price points. When picking food gifts, make sure to customize the gift to his particular appetite. Here are a few food gifts dads are sure to love.

  • Cooking Tools - Whether the dad in your life loves to grill, fry, or bake there is something out there with his name on it. Pick up items like tongs, spatulas, pans, and more to help him cook up his favorite foods. Put together a basket filled with all of his favorite cooking tools to help him cook up a delicious meal.
  • Special Ingredients - Some ingredients can be pricier to try for the first time. Pick out a spice or special ingredient he has always wanted to cook with. This might be just the time to add something special to his ingredients cabinet he didn’t want to buy for himself.
  • A Favorite Meal - Maybe the dad in your life isn’t a cook. Instead, he prefers to eat amazing food he didn’t have to cook. Cook up his favorite meal or take him out to a restaurant he has always wanted to try. You can modify the meal to accommodate your budget and still make him smile.
  • A Cook’s First Aid Kit - Let’s just be honest. Sometimes cooks burn themselves or accidentally get cut. Put together a small first aid kit he can keep in the kitchen or by the grill. Include items such as burn cream, bandages, and even gloves. Having this on hand will help him clean up any cooking injuries and get back in the kitchen again.
  • A Bag of Treats - Does the dad in your life have a few guilty pleasures when it comes to treats and snacks? Put together a lunch bag filled with some of his favorite sweets and snacks. Not only will you give him a great snack, but he can enjoy a new bag to keep future snacks in.

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