May 11, 2021

Mother’s Day this year is just around the corner. What do you have planned for the mom in your life? Whether it’s the mother of your kids, grandma, your own mom, or your mother figure, we have some great gift ideas so you won’t be left hanging on their special day.

What should I buy for Mother’s Day?

Not sure what to gift the mom in your life? We got your back. Here’s an exhaustive list on what mom might want this year:

  1. HighSpeedDaddy backpack
  2. HighSpeedDaddy patch
  3. HighSpeedDaddy lunchbag
  4. Flowers
  5. Baked Goods
  6. Jewelry
  7. Sock subscription
  8. Wine subscription
  9. Cooking class
  10. Spa Day
  11. Framed family pictures
  12. Smartwatch
  13. Monthly book subscription
  14. Time together
  15. Coupons for things like a back massage, a free day off, etc.
  16. Movie night
  17. Candles
  18. Etsy gift card
  19. Amazon gift card
  20. Slippers
  21. Perfume
  22. Homemade books
  23. Personalized jewelry or home decor
  24. Air fryer
  25. Instant Pot
  26. New comfortable shoes
  27. Kindle
  28. Espresso machine
  29. Personalized arts and crafts
  30. Ask her what she really wants, get her that!

When all else fails, see numbers 1-3.

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