April 28, 2021

Becoming a new dad (and acting the part) is, in a word, overwhelming. There’s no shortage of advice out there, but we’re often still left feeling like we’re not doing it right. And while old-school parenting books are always a good idea, it’s safe to say that there’s no such thing as preparing too much for the realities of being a parent.

For the tech-savvy dads and those who need easy references that boil down the basics of all things dad life, we’ve collected the 10 best apps that every dad should have on their devices. Whether you’ve just discovered that your partner is expecting or you’re in the thick of the toddler stage, there’s a useful app for every dad on this list.

1. Quick Tips for New Dads

Say hello to the app that’s made for dads, by dads themselves! Whether you’re an expectant father or you’ve already welcomed your little one into the world, you’ll be able to browse valuable insight, tips, and tricks written by dads who have been through it all. Spanning topics from bottle feeding, to bathtime, to looking after mom, it’ll be your one-stop-shop for all things dad advice.

2. Bedtime Stories

This isn’t your average storytelling app — Bedtime Stories lets you build custom, creative storylines to make every night’s tale as fascinating as the last. In fact, there are over 50 million possible stories to tell your little one. This one’s great for new dads and for those with kids who never outgrow a good bedtime story.

3. Baby Monitor 3G

Talk about peace of mind in the palm of your hand. Baby Monitor 3G gives you the power to turn two devices, whether they’re phones, tablets, or computers, into a baby monitor system. This way, you can carry your baby with you in your back pocket — no bulky, traditional monitoring system required. The app lets you adjust microphone sensitivity to pick up on even the quietest coos, and the live video is always securely transmitted to your device.

4. Daddy Up

For a dad app that’s tailored just right for men, look no further than Daddy Up. You’ll get pregnancy journey updates delivered right to your phone every week, including rugged baby-size comparisons, a customizable checklist, shareable baby announcements, and more. And it’s all neatly packaged in a lumberjack, woodsy theme to make the whole process more, well, manly.

5. Baby Manager

When you’re a new dad, you’ll quickly learn that it’s easy for the little details about feeding to get mixed up in you and your partner’s heads. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping to remember, track your baby’s feeding schedule with the Baby Manager app. You can also keep a diary of everything from diaper changes, to baths, to moods, and easily share the data with your partner and pediatrician.

6. Tinybeans

Raise your hand if your camera roll is too cluttered for words… If you’re already officially a dad, you know the baby pictures just don’t stop coming. Tinybeans lets you capture all of the pictures, videos, and firsts in the app and share them with loved ones. It’s hands-down the most organized way to go about capturing those parenting memories. And the relatives won’t have to hound you for baby updates!

7. BabySparks

Your little one’s development starts from the moment they’re brought into the world. Make sure they stay on track and support their development with the BabySparks app. You’ll get access to tons of video-based activities, information about developmental milestones, and advice from experts to make sure your baby is hitting their marks every step of the way.

8. Who’s Your Daddy?

First-time dads and moms alike can find essential information to bring peace of mind through the daunting 9 months of pregnancy on the Who's Your Daddy app. The tips are communicated through humor, not confusing medical jargon, so anyone can understand what to expect. The app also includes a pregnancy timeline, weekly updates, and other tools to cover each and every base.

9. Annabel Karmel: Healthy Baby and Toddler Recipes

Annabel Karmel is an expert on all things kid-friendly recipes, and her Healthy Baby and Toddler Recipes app is a must for all dads and moms looking for nutritious ideas for the little ones. Make your own purees, plan meals, and find all the inspiration you could want with over 300 recipes that suit a range of ages. Many of these ideas could even feed the entire family, too.

10. The Dad AF App

Whether you’ve just gotten news of a positive pregnancy test or your kids are phone-obsessed teenagers, the Dad AF App delivers a community of dads supporting dads through every parenting pitfall. Get technical tips or share your feelings about the journey without any judgment. It’s a must for every dad, because it’s no secret that parenting anxiety is part of the process — and while you’re keeping your bundle of joy healthy, every parent needs to remember to take care of themselves, too.


Made it this far reading? Congrats! We have included a BONUS App!!

11. Order of Man - Battle Planner App

Looking for a way to stay on track while conquering the "new dad" life? The Order of Man - Battle Planner App is the perfect solution. Not only does it keeps you on track with your goals, but it forces you to fill up your own tank in order to show up best for your family whether that is through self-care, scheduling designated time for work or play - the options are endless.

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