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June 04, 2021

Memorial Day is more than just the first summer holiday. It’s more than family cookouts. It’s so much more than the days out in the sun, grilling, making memories with your family. Yes, of course that’s the best part of the day, but in reality it’s a hard day for some.

What is Memorial Day?

We celebrate Memorial Day to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice defending our country. As a veteran-owned business, some of those servicemembers are, and were, our friends, brothers, and sisters. That may be true for you as well. Memorial Day is a tough holiday because it seems like any week where you get a Monday off should be spent on a beach or on a vacation somewhere with your family, and that’s not not true, but it’s hard sometimes feeling like you’re the only person who remembers what Memorial Day is all about - sometimes you’re the only person not having a fun summer day.

Is Memorial Day a sad holiday?

Well, it certainly can be sad. It’s definitely not a happy reason to celebrate. And yes, it can absolutely be sad for those of us who have lost someone we love. If this day is particularly hard for you, make sure you spend some extra time with yourself. We always suggest self-care ideas like meditating, journaling, and breathing techniques to get yourselves through tough times. This is no different. If Memorial Day usually brings hard feelings, spend a few extra minutes doing one of those things before the day, and during it. If you have a therapist, maybe schedule an extra visit this week and work through those thoughts and feelings.

What to do on Memorial Day

Check in with yourself. Make sure you’re doing okay and you’re not feeling overwhelmed. If you need some time away from friends and family, take that time. If you need extra support, ask for it. If you have no plans and you don’t want to be alone, text a buddy and see what they’re doing! But conversely, if you need to be alone, don’t be afraid to ask for time away. Speak your needs. If your family is counting on you, make sure someone who can support you is checking in to see that you’re doing alright. You got this.

We are so thankful for all of the veterans and active duty service members that are risking their lives every day, and those we have lost. Happy Memorial Day.

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