January 25, 2021


It’s been kind of a while since we did our last diaper bag essentials post. Since we make the best diaper bag on the market (maybe we’re biased, but I don’t think so), we figured we should update our list. It hasn’t changed too much, but we can’t let you all go unprepared. Check out this quick-and-dirty (well, not too dirty) list of our favorite diaper bag essentials: 

  1. Diapers & Wipes: we’re counting this as one thing. Diapers and wipes are the top essential in a diaper bag, of course. But you have to make sure you stock up your diaper bag with the right size when your kids size up in diapers! Grabbing a too-small diaper and realizing you don’t have the right size is the worst type of inconvenience. I’m sure you’re updating your wipes, though. I don’t know why more people don’t carry wipes wherever they go. They’re good for everything from messes (bodily and otherwise) to clean-ups, even first aid.
  2. Woobie: Hear us out. If you don’t have a Woobie in your diaper bag, you’re really missing out. There’s a reason why military men rave about their Woobies! They’re the perfect snuggle companion at any temperature, but they also double as a changing station, ground cover, towel, dog bed… seriously, they’re the best and you need one in your diaper bag.
  3. Changing Mat: A waterproof changing mat couldn’t be more helpful when you’re out and about. Sure, most places have changing stations in the bathrooms, but they are covered in germs. If you don’t want to use the last-minute desperation bathroom stall changing station, make sure you have your changing pad tucked away in your backpack.
  4. Snacks: Another item you’ll definitely have to restock, but is absolutely necessary for every diaper bag, especially for toddlers and kids. If you have a baby or newborn, switch this essential out with bottles! Either way, a hungry kid is not a happy kid. Keep your diaper bag and lunch bag stocked with healthy, protein-packed, grab-and-go snacks.
  5. Toys/Books: Distract, distract, distract. Bring some toys for home, or even grab some cheap Dollar Store toys to keep your kids busy while you’re out. If you’re going to be out longer than normal, plan ahead by quickly wrapping the toys with your leftover Christmas or birthday paper! They’ll have a blast unwrapping, playing, then unwrapping the next one.
  6. Reusable Bags: Got some reusable bags leftover from the grocery store? For anything from diaper messes to dirty clothes, they are perfect for the cleanups you can’t let permeate into your bag. You know what we’re talking about.
  7. First Aid Kit:Your diaper bag is not complete until you’re prepared for anything. Most people keep a first aid kitin their car, and we think that’s important too, but keeping a small medical supply kit in your diaper bag is best for quick, accessible care. Treating injuries quickly helps decrease the risk of infection and severe medical problems.
  8. Change of clothes: For those days the diaper just can’t hold the mess, to the hikes that turn into swims, you have got to pack a change of clothes in your bag! This is another item you’ll have to make sure you switch out when your kid’s size changes, but it’s easy to grab some pants and a shirt for the messier (and especially the wet) moments. Then, throw the old outfit in a reusable bag and you’re good to go!

What are some of your diaper bag essentials?

 That’s a lot to pack in just one bag, but our diaper bag backpack makes it easy to keep things organized. I promise, all of these items will come in handy at some point and you’ll be happy you have them. Keeping a stocked diaper bag is one of the most important ways you can make sure you’re providing and protecting your family, which leads to less stress, and more time to connect. For a few tips on how to pack your diaper bag, check out our Ultimate Guide.


We would love to hear some of your diaper bag must-haves! Share your ideas with us on Facebook or Instagram and maybe your essential will make it in our next blog post.

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