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Just like the HSD Backpack Diaper Bag, these obviously do not have to be used solely for kids. Just as the Diaper Bag doesn't have to be used as a diaper bag, it can be used for many different occasions (hiking bag, gym bag, medical bag, patrol bag, mountaineering bag, rock climbing bag, range bag, backpack, etc...). This lunch box can be used as a stand alone product for ANYONE to bring lunch, or other meals, where-ever they need to go also.


Why carry around that cheap P.O.S. lunch bag that you got for free from the hospital or for signing up for that one credit card, when you can have something that matches your HSD Backpack Diaper Bag and (for the men at least)....let's you keep your "man card".

Listen, when your babies get a little older and into the toddler stage, you'll have to start carrying around food, instead of just milk bottles. This is the ideal thing that can make your life easier, look good while doing it, and quite frankly, probably make all your friends jealous.

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Love the lunch bag, insulated,green and sturdy. much better than bdu
Pockets .people were starting to looking at me kind of funny.



Very pleased

After becoming very frustrated with cheap lunch bags I spent time researching and found HSD. I am reserve Mil and a LEO so I am very hard on my gear.

From the first time I laid my hands on this lunch bag I could tell it was solid. I have the medium and it is the perfect size for a standard lunch. The insulation is tougher than expected and I really enjoy the 2 zippered storage compartments for ice packs and utensils. The zippers on the entire bag are solid as well which is always a big compliant with any bag.

Keep up the good work. I will be singing your praises and encouraging others to purchase. Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with next.

Lunch Box

The lunch box that I purchased is awesome! Rugged and ready to take on anything. Thank you HSD family!

Lunch bag

I ordered a lunch bag around the holidays, being a small business I did not figure on fast shipping this time of the year. I recieved several entertaining emails from them over the next week or so, from which I got to believe it was on the way. It didn't arrive when the emails lead me believe it would. However the last email said to wait a day and if it still hadn't arrived to let them know if I hadn't recieved it yet. So I did, the following morning I recieved a shipping notification. I got it the following day. Outstanding customer service to say the least. On to the bag, it is a very well built bag, several co workers have expressed interest in getting one of their own. The only thing I would change in it would be divider pockets in the front pocket. But all it all I am very pleased.