Back to School Madness: Benefits of Responsible Fathers Who Help With Homework

August 13, 2019

responsible fathers help kids with homework

There's always been a lot of debate surrounding the topic of parents helping their children with homework. 

A professor of sociology and African and African-American studies at Duke, Angel L. Harris, spoke with TODAY Moms and said,

We need to do away with the assumption that anything parents do will help. That assumes that parents have all the answers, and parents do not have all the answers. Some of the things that they do may actually lead to declines in achievement – inadvertently, of course." Harris goes on to say "when parents from various racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups regularly helped their child with homework, in most cases, it made no difference for the child’s improvement in their test scores in reading, math, and their grades."

Here at High Speed Daddy, we can't help but take a strong stance against Harris' comments. Extensive research highlights again and again the numerous benefits of responsible fathers and mothers who help children with homework. 

Here's a look at some of the research we found that proves responsible fathers who help kids with homework leads to a number of advantages for both the child and parent.

Opinion From the Government on Helping Kids With Homework

The US Department of Education's Office of Educational Research and Improvement says the benefits of responsible fathers helping kids with homework goes far beyond simply getting to review what your child is doing in school. Helping with homework gives dads a chance to cultivate a stronger parent-child relationship. It also enriches life skills for the child and helps them establish a stable routine while also fostering independence. 

On the parent side of things, it gives dads the chance to stay up to date on their child's academic development. This makes it easier to spot when a child is struggling, and in doing so, dads can be more prompt about reaching out for academic help when needed.

Furthermore, assisting with homework allows you to keep a close eye on what your child needs to succeed in school. Children often “forget” to tell parents when they need extra supplies like pencils, highlighters, or a new backpack. When you sit down with your child to do homework, you can ask whether any new school supplies are needed. 

Must-know factConsumer reports says on average, kids in 6th grade carry backpacks that weigh 18.4 pounds, with some weighing as much as 30 pounds! Most parents don't check the weight of their kids' backpacks. And backpacks that don't fit well can lead to low-back pain in kids, which can contribute to poor academic performance. Be a responsible father and check how well your kid's backpack fits! Need a durable backpack that has lots of pockets and compartments to evenly distribute the weight of textbooks and school supplies? Check out this really cool camo HSD backpack!

Good Men Project Gives Really Good Reasons to Help With Homework

In a world full of electronics, it's harder than ever before to stay focused. But part of being a responsible father is knowing how to motivate your child to do homework. This requires making it a rule to have all electronics turned off or on silent when working on school assignments. As you enforce this rule, you show your child the importance of rules and how to establish them. Over time, your child will inherit this trait.

There's a good chance you might find yourself distracted or frustrated with your child's lack of understanding in some subjects. But being able to re-track your emotions and guide your child through figuring out difficult subjects teaches your child how to stay the course when things are tough. It's these skills and traits that will help your child succeed in life!

Help Your Child Excel in Math and Social Studies

Does your child struggle with math or social studies assignments? If so, you should definitely help your child with homework. Why? Because kids who receive homework assistance from their moms and dads tend to spend more time on math and social studies work. This extended focus on these subjects could be the key factor in helping your child excel in areas where he or she struggles. 

Teach Your Son How to Be a Man

The last reason we think dads should help with homework is directed more towards fathers helping their sons. See, a son can only learn "maleness" by looking at the male role-models in his life. As a dad, you're perfectly suited to have a huge influence on your son. As you help with schoolwork, your son will learn the role a man plays in a family setting, which is to provide, protect and connect. He will see that men can be "manly" while also helping their kids with homework.

Final Thoughts

With back-to-school madness all around us, there’s never been a better time to establish some good ground rules for this school year. In addition to setting rules for your kids, why not set one for yourself to be more involved with your children’s homework? As you show your kids how to be a responsible father, you will help them establish crucial traits that last a lifetime. 

Want to learn more about providing, protecting and connecting with your family? Check out the High Speed Daddy blog now. 

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