June 01, 2020

The world is changing but special days like Father’s Days still come. When trying to decide how to handle Father’s Day gifts, don’t let it stress you. There are many options out there for the family that wants to honor dad. Even better, there are options for families to give Father’s Day gifts without overspending or having to be too crafty. Here are some of the best Father’s Day gifts for 2020 to give you some inspiration.

Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2020

Coupon Books
Backpack Gift Pack
Cookout Kit
Something Sweet
Personal Care Items
Photo Gifts


Coupon Book

Coupon books can be a fun gift idea that kids can take part in. Even better, these coupon books can be customized for the person you are giving them to with a variety of simple changes and fun additions. There are options that can be purchased in stores and offer minimal customization. However, there are also options for do it yourself varieties that can be customized based on the age of the child and the interests of the father. We have put together a few different ideas for ways to put together a special photo book for the dad in your life. Here are some Father’s Day coupon book ideas that are sure to make the dad in your life smile.

Create Your Own Coupon Book

If you are looking for a way to make a coupon book special instead of just a collection of paper with things written on it, it’s time to get a bit crafty. Take a few large white pieces of construction paper (Can be purchased at the dollar store.) Allow your child to paint, draw, or color on the entirety of each page. Give them the freedom to do a handprint, color a picture, or just have fun playing with whatever art medium they are using. Once these have dried, you will want to cut up the sheets into quarters or ninths depending on the size of book you are hoping for.

Add your coupon wording to each piece with things that will fit what you want the coupon book to say. You can write this in pen or let the kids write it if they are old enough to do so. You will want to leave one blank for the cover of the coupon book. Use a hole punch to put a hole in the top left corner of all of these coupons. Bind them together with ribbon or a binder ring. When the coupons are used up, the father in your life will still have special artwork from their little one to enjoy.

Coupon Idea: Quality Time

Spending quality time with your children can mean the world to them but it can also mean the world to a father. Take some to build a quality time coupon book. There are lots of ways to spend quality time with dad, but some ideas for what to include might be, “Let’s shoot hoops together,” “Let’s have a family movie night,” “Let’s go out for ice cream together,” or “Let’s sit down and read a book together.”

The idea of these is to include quality time ideas that would mean the most to the father in your life. Take some time to customize it based on the interest of the father in your life. If you want to add some creativity to it, you could easily let the kids color around the borders of each coupon.

Coupon Idea: A Year of Experiences

Are you planning some fun things together this year? Looking to add some surprises to the year? Work with the kid to create a coupon book with a year of experiences you can have together as a family. Some options might include camping, a family road trip, ice cream at your favorite place, a giant family game night, a campfire with smores, or any other special experiences that might bring a smile to the dad in your house. If you want to add a special touch to this coupon book, you could have kids draw a picture of the location or use a picture from an old calendar or printed from the internet.


Backpack Gift Pack

The only thing better than an awesome dad backpack, is filling it with special items and gifts to make dad smile. There are some really fun themes you can try with these backpack gift packs as well. We have put together a few ideas for a backpack gift pack that you should definitely consider this father’s day. This is a fun twist on the typical gift basket as you are giving something useful to hold the gift as well as giving special items in the backpack as well. Even better, you can go as big or as small as your budget allows as each of these is completely customizable.

Camping Pack

Building out a camping themed gift backpack can be a really fun idea for the dad in your life. You can fill it with a variety of camping related items based on your budget. Even better, you can add special notes or drawings from the kids to give it more of a personal touch. Some ideas for things to pack in a camping pack might include trail mix, a fully stocked first aid kit, water bottles, camping tools, firestarter kits, flashlights, lanterns, and more. You can even plan a special picnic for the day. This can be a great gift to get dad ready for a family camping trip in the summer. Another fun thing to add might be a disposable camera or a camping mad libs book for your next family camping trip.

Fishing Pack

Does the dad in your life love a day out on the lake or live for his next fishing trip? Put together a fishing backpack filled with some of his favorite items to help him enjoy a day out fishing on his own or with the kids. Have the kids write sweet notes or draw a card to go with this pack. For items like live bait, it might be wise to include a gift card or voucher so he can pick those up at a later date. Some items to include in a fishing pack would be tackle, first aid kits, a boning knife, replacement fishing line, heavy duty gloves, lures, a depth finder, or other items to help him enjoy his time fishing. You can even customize this bag based on the type of fishing the dad in your life prefers. Some fun add ons might be fishing themed patches or lures attached to the outside of the backpack.

Sports Pack

Do you have a sports fan in the house? Putting together a sporting fan pack can be a really fun gift idea. Even better, you can customize their backpack with patches, buttons, and other items related to their favorite team. If tickets are in the budget, this would be a fun way to gift those to the dad in your house. Some items that work well in a sports themed backpack include sunflower seeds, a favorite sports team jersey, a team ball cap, autographed memorabilia, snacks, or maybe a team wallet. Fill the backpack with items inspired by their favorite team for a successful father’s day gift. If you want to add a little fun to the pack you could do family jerseys or a father/son or father/daughter jersey set.

Cookout Kit

Cooking and eating outside can be a great way to spend time together as a family. Father’s day happens to be in summer which gives you the chance to do some fun cookout gifts. Even better, you can go as complex or simple as your budget allows. The fun things about cookout kits is they can tie in family time as well as delicious recipes or cooking tools the dad in your life might want. Here are a few cookout kit ideas for father’s day gifts.

Grilling Cooking Kit

Do you have a father in the family who loves to fire up the grill? IT’s time to put together a kit filled with some of their favorite things. Not only will this be great for family time, but it would be a fantastic way to let him enjoy something he loves. You can even customize the theming based on your budget and dietary restrictions. Some items to put in a grilling kit could be spatulas, tongs, grill cleaning tools, all of the fixings for a favorite meal, or a custom apron. If you did a custom apron, you could easily do the handprint of each child or a fun saying on the front of it. Another fun thing to add to this bag might be a blank recipe book where the dad in your life could add in some of his favorite grilling recipes to pass down to his kids.

Travel Cooking Kit

Do you have a dad in your life who loves to travel? And, yes, we’re hoping someday we all can venture out safely again. Whether it is a beach trip, hiking, or a family road trip, eating on the go doesn’t have to mean a stop for less healthy options. With a travel cooking kit, the dad in your life can cook up something delicious while on the go. Even better, there are many items that would fit in a backpack, beach bag, or trunk of a car. Some ideas you might consider for a travel cooking kit are portable utensils, camp stoves, non-perishable food items, carrying containers, and safety items like a first aid kit or fire extinguisher. By putting together a simple kit you can help the dad in your life to have fun cooking on the go.

Campout Cooking Kit

Do you have a camper in the family? Whether you are planning a camping trip or a backyard campfire, a campout cooking kit can be a perfect gift to help the dad in your life enjoy outdoor cooking time. Even better, it can be a great way to encourage family time in a fun way. There are many items you can include in this kit from a variety of price points and you can make it as small or large as needed. Some things to consider would be a smores kit with all the fixings for smores, tongs and campfire pans, or items like a good first aid kit and fire extinguisher. Make sure to pick supplies that are easy to store and are high enough quality that they can be used multiple times.


Something Sweet

Are you looking for a special gift idea for the dad with a sweet tooth? There are so many amazing sweet treats out there and it can be tempting to go with a lot of the same things you always get. However, Father’s Day can be a fun day to try something new. We have a few ideas for a way to make something sweet for a Father’s Day gift that’s sure to be a hit. Even better, many of these could be enjoyed by the entire family if Dad feels like sharing.

Monthly Sweet Unboxing

If you are looking for a fun way to surprise the dad in your life with something sweet, it might be time to consider a monthly unboxing. There are many different boxes on the market that will deliver sweet treats on a monthly or quarterly basis. These will come in a variety of pricing and delivery options depending on your needs. Options like man crate can avoid the girly side of things and let you send something sweet anyway. Spend time researching sweet unboxings that can feed the sweet tooth and make him smile.

Bake Something For Him

Another fun way to get the kids involved with Father’s Day is to bake something for the dad in your life. You don’t have to be a pro baker. If you can only cook store packaged cookies, make those. If you are able to bake a cake from scratch, go with that. The goal is to spend some time investing in making something sweet for the sweet tooth having dad in your life. If you want to add some fun to it, get creative with packaging. Try using special containers or packaging options that will add a little bit of fun to the experience.

Take advantage of a local bakery.

Is there a special treat the dad in your life has always wanted to try? Try out a local bakery or sweet shop in the area. Sometimes having a professional bake something special can be the perfect treat. The beauty of this is that you can order something special and surprise the dad in your life with an old favorite or a new favorite. Make sure to check with friends or check reviews to make sure that you find a place that will deliver the best flavors and quality out there. If you are trying something new, call before visiting to confirm availability and service hours.

Personal Care Items

Personal care items can make fantastic gifts. Even better, there are simple ways to make these special. Whether you are going with items that he has always used, or special items, personal care gifts can be a great way to do something special for the dad in your life. Even better, you can customize the gift to the dad in your life in a variety of fun ways. Here are a few ways you can give personal care items as a gift.

Shaving Kit

If you are looking for a fun way to gift personal care items, try a shaving kit. Use something a little different like the High Speed Daddy first aid pouch to gift the dad in your life all his favorite shaving gear. This could include items like razors, shaving cream, beard oil, or any other items he uses regularly for his shaving needs. Even better, this would make a great item that he can restock throughout the year as needed.

Gym Bag

If you have a dad who loves to work out, you might consider a new gym bag stuffed with his favorite deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, and other personal items he needs after the gym. An easy-to-carry backpack makes an excellent gym bag for sporty dads.

Personal Care Gift Basket

Building out a gift basket can be a lot easier than it sounds. Take some time to fill a basket with some of the dad in your life’s favorite personal care items. You can work the basket around a theme such as beard care or cologne, or you can fill it with a variety of items. This is a great way to give him some of his old time favorites or introduce him to a new product. Even better, the kids can add a simple note or card to these baskets fairly easily and you can add as much or little as you can afford based on your budget.


Photo Gifts

Photo gifts can be a fantastic way to share some of your favorite memories with the dad in your life. Even better, there are a variety of options so that you can customize based on his personality and your budget. Photo gifts also give you the ability to pick some of your most special memories and help him to keep them in a fun way. With so many options for photo gifts out there, it can be hard to settle on just one. Here are a few ideas for photo gifts for dads.

Photo Books

There are many different ways to create a special photo book for the dad in your life. You can create a photo album using prints and a photo album you pick up. Many photo websites will also offer discounts on building hardcover photo books and let you completely customize the photo book to your needs. You can theme the photo book around a special event or based on some of your favorite memories. There are even apps like Groovebook that will let you pick photos from your phone gallery to build a small photo book.

Photo Mugs/Cups

Photo mugs and cups can be a great way for the dad in your life to take his family with him on the go. Customize a mug or cup with photos of dad and the kids or a photo of the kids that is sure to make him smile. These simple mugs can range in price and can be created at WalMart, CVS, Snapfish, Vistaprint, and a variety of other online retailers. When ordering a mug or cup, make sure to look at shipping time and preparation time so that the gift doesn’t come after Father’s Day. The best thing about these cups is that most retailers offer a variety of designs to customize it based on what you really want to create.

Photo Shirts, Blankets, and Calendars

With advances in photo printing capabilities you can now take photo gifts even further. You have the ability to make photo shirts, blankets, and calendars. Items like a photo calendar or planner can be a simple way to let the dad in your life see special memories while going about his day to day life. To add an element of personalization to a calendar or planner, let the kids write notes on random pages or dates to make him smile. Items like photo shirts and blankets might seem like something a dad might not enjoy but could be just right for the right dad. Photo shirts can also be a fun way to make dad laugh with a family inside joke. There are many companies that will print these based on what you are hoping to have.

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