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June 04, 2021

The world is opening up and kids and families are more excited than ever to get out and about! We can’t wait to take advantage of all the fun things summer has to offer, especially outdoors, so we decided to make a blog all about what to do this summer with kids. Grab your backpack, lunchbag, and plans for adventure. Let’s dive in.

What Can I Do Summer 2021? 

  1. Hiking: grab your backpack and head outside. Think of the things you usually see on hikes and walks, write them down, and make it a fun Nature Walk! Your kids will be on the hunt for the leaves, rocks, and animal prints, while you’re hiking farther on the trail. They won’t even notice how far you’ve gone, and they’ll enjoy the great outdoors.
  2. Fishing: nothing beats fishing with your kids. The conversations you have while fishing are bar none, and can be so healing. It’s also such a big rush when your kids catch a fish! Pack your lunchbag and get to your local fishing hole.
  3. Water sports: where do you go when your family wants to be by the water? Well, go there! Whether you’re into water skiing, boogie boarding, tubing, or surfing, get to the water and have a blast.
  4. Building projects: the pride your kids feel when they build something out of nothing is incomparable, especially when they make it with you. You’re teaching your kids the art of construction and woodworking, while creating something they can keep forever. Get out to your workspace and build this summer! When you build a bunch of the same thing, sell it and help your kid build that business. No better time than summer!
  5. Home improvements: teach your kids the importance of maintaining your home while doing a few minor updates. Walls need a fresh coat of paint? Time to update the kitchen? Let your kids help and it’ll go by faster, and teach a valuable lesson.
  6. Make ice cream: have you ever made your own homemade ice cream? It’s a lot of fun!
  7. Camp: whether it’s in your backyard or at a campsite, your kids will love camping under the stars.
  8. Create an obstacle course: here is a great link for creating your own obstacle course at home. It is so much fun seeing your kids master the course, and help build it!
  9. Library: libraries typically offer a lot of fun summer activities, like meetups, toddler time, and camps. Check out what your local library has to offer and help teach your kids the value of a great book.
  10. Scavenger hunt: get your kids running around the house, or even the whole neighborhood (supervised, of course) by creating a scavenger hunt. Let the older kids help and create some clues for you, too.
  11. Aquarium: one of the most fun activities your kids will love, go to the closest aquarium! They’ll love seeing all the awesome sea creatures and aquatic life.
  12. Science museum: most cities have a science museum where kids can learn more about science with hands-on experiments and learning opportunities.
  13. Visit a farm: jump on the web and find your closest petting farm! Another great way to learn more about the animals all around us, and what life is like on a farm. Usually, they also have strawberry picking so you can take home your very own crop!
  14. Manhunt: this one is mostly for older kids. When the sun goes down, play the ultimate game of hide-and-go-seek. This game is best played with a bunch of people in big area. Be safe and have fun!
  15. Summer camps: for when you just need a break, check out your local recreation center for some awesome summer camps for your kids. they usually have a ton of options ranging from sports to hobby camps. Let your kids find a new passion this summer!

Have Fun This Summer

The most important thing you can do this summer is to be safe and have a blast! Head out on vacation with your family, make memories, and connect with them. There is no better feeling than looking back on summer and realizing you made the best of it. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to let us know what you’re up to.

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