HSD Mini Woobie Poncho Liner Toddler Blanket 60″x40″ – Multicam


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Introducing the HSD Mini Woobie Poncho Liner

If you’ve ever been in the military you know EXACTLY what a “Woobie” is!


Made of the same materials as the current issued “liner, wet weather, poncho” (as it’s officially called by the military) it consists of two layers of water resistant and SOFT ripstop nylon with a lightweight polyester batting sewn up along the sides and crosswise to ensure a very durable “blanket”.


Listen, my kids want nothing more than to have everything that I have…but in their own size.  So this is the perfect way to make them happy and give them just that!

It looks and feels exactly the same as the issued Poncho Liner!  The only difference is the size.


We offer these in 3 sizes and 2 color patterns (Army Multicam and Marine MARPAT Digital Woodlands):

Baby (36″x30″)

Toddler (60″x40″)

Adult (82″x60″) – (just in case you wanted one for yourself!)

Ever hear of the Daddy and Me combo – now you can do that!


Now you don’t have to let your kid steal your precious security blanket that you probably “borrowed permanently” from the military during your ETS or “lost” when it was time to turn it in.  (It’s ok, we’ve all be there!)


In the case of the HSD Mini Woobie Baby size – swaddle them up and hold them on the couch as you cuddle with your own matching Adult size HSD Woobie that we offer.

Or for your toddlers, get them the HSD Toddler size Mini Woobie that fits their toddler bed perfectly!



HSD Mini Woobie Toddler Size Features:

  • Rip-Stop Nylon with Polyester Filling
  • 60″x40″ – perfect for Toddler size beds
  • Great size to be used as a picnic blanket
  • 6 tie off strings – fold in half to make a sleeping bag, tie it up as a fort or shelter, etc..
  • Matches the HSD Multicam Tactical Diaper Bag and HSD Multicam Tactical Lunch Bag perfectly!



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