HSD Product Care and Cleaning Procedures

HSD Diaper Bag Backpack’s

Please HAND wash in warm water with mild soap or detergent and air dry.  Do NOT put in washer and dryer.  This will void warranty.


HSD Tactical Lunch Bag’s

-Please HAND wash with mild detergent and air dry.  Do NOT put in washer and dryer.  This will void warranty.


HSD Poncho Liner Woobies

-Machine wash on normal cycle with cold water and then tumble dry low.  

Do you offer Military and First Responder Discounts?

F%^& YES WE DO!  Is that even a question?

Seriously though, the Owner of HighSpeedDaddy, Craig, is a current member of the US Army Infantry.  What person would he be if he didn’t hook up his brothers and sisters?

And on top of that, we offer the same discount to all first responders – Law Enforcement, Fireman, EMT, etc…

Just reach out to us with your credentials – ID’s and the like, and we’ll send you the applicable discount code for 15% off your entire order.

Why do you NEED an HSD Diaper Bag Backpack?

Let’s be real…and i’m going to be blunt, most parents are going to purchase and use your run of the mill, cheapo diaper bag.  Some are ok, some are pieces of crap.  Here’s a fact, you do not want to be caught dead walking around with one of those dinky, pink “trendy” bags.  While they have some features to help out, those are the specific type of bags that you want to lean away from because they don’t compare to the durability and ruggedness of an HSD Tactical Backpack Diaper Bag.

I spent months and months studying the reviews of hundreds of diaper bags, noting all the positives and negative remarks.  When going through the multiple rounds of prototypes we made, I added all the positive features and got rid of all the negative ones, thus ending up with the PERFECT feature loaded, versatile and multi-use diaper bag.  Thus the HSD Tactical Diaper Bag was formed.

I SPECIFICALLY designed the bag so that once your kid is out of diapers, you can still use this bag for a MULTITUDE of different occasions.  I also made it super durable (600D waterproof polyester) AND have a LIFETIME warranty.  See other FAQs for more info.  Heck, there’s a big group of our customers that use the HSD Tactical Diaper Bag AND DON’T EVEN HAVE KIDS!

I’m an Infantryman in the US Army and have a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering.  I spent 10+ years working in New Product Development through Engineering, Sourcing, Quality Assurance, and Project Management for a billion dollar consumer product’s company.  I know a thing or two about developing a SOLID product.  I’m also a father to two toddlers – HighSpeedLittleMan and HighSpeedPrincess.  Put the Army Infantry, Engineering, and Fatherly experience together, and you got someone that can develop the ultimate tactical diaper bag…and that’s what I did.

Listen, either you’re a HighSpeedDaddy and HighSpeedMommy, or you’re not.  The choice is yours though.  Just do me a favor and don’t be that parent that’s just like everyone else.  Be one of those parents that stand out from the crowd and that everyone else idolizes for having a bad ass diaper bag.


Is it just a Diaper Bag?


The last thing I wanted to do was add another bag to my already extensive backpack and misc. bag collection.  So I thought about what this bag could be used for after the kids outgrow it.  That’s right, kids aren’t in diapers forever…thank God.  With that in mind, I made sure that most, if not all, of the amenities that the bag offers can be used in a “Phase II” or “Next Chapter” in the lifetime of the bag.  By that I mean, when the kids are out of diapers, you DON’T need to get rid of the bag.  Add in a LIFETIME WARRANTY and you’re golden!

The possibilities are endless, but this bag is PERFECT for any outdoors activities – hiking, fishing, hunting, shooting, climbing, mountaineering, police patrol bag, range bag, fishing bag, etc.  It could also be used as school book bag, gym bagbug out bag, or even as a tailgating bag (yes, each insulated side pocket fits two beer bottles)!  Not only are those just some examples, customers are already using their bags for all of these things.  Take a look at their pictures HERE.

Where can I buy an HSD Products?

Available for sale in the following locations:


1) HighSpeedDaddy website SHOP


2) Amazon – (PRIME eligible):  HighSpeedDaddy Store on Amazon


3) Through our Authorized Dealer:  Black Bag Resources

Does the HSD Diaper Bag Backpack have a Warranty?

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our products have been tested and evaluated beyond the normal rigors of a
diaper bag by members of the United States Military in urban and field
environments. It is our goal to provide you durable products that will stand
the test of time regardless of the situation in which you may find yourself.

Because of this, HighSpeedDaddy offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects
in material or workmanship for the life of the bag. If a product ever fails due
to a manufacturing defect we will replace the product at our discretion. This
warranty does not cover damage caused by improper care and storage,
negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and
materials over extended time and use.