About Me

fort-dix-atOutside of being a husband, father of two, and a Mechanical Engineer, I’m a Sergeant (E5) in the United States Army.  Beyond my family, this has been my greatest personal accomplishment.  I’m trained as an 11B – Infantryman, having completed basic training at Fort Benning, GA.  I’m currently serving as a Team Leader in a Dismounted Reconnaissance Troop.  I’ve completed Airborne School, Air Assault School, Small Arms Master Gunner School, Infantry Light Leaders Course as well as other Non Commissioned Officer Education System schools within the Army.

My story’s a little different than most as I started my military journey a little later in life.  I was married, owned a home, had two dogs, and on my way to a successful corporate engineering career in new product development.  However, joining the military was always a life passion.  My grandfather was a WWII Purple Heart recipient and Prisoner of War.  He was one of my biggest idols and I always wanted to follow in his footsteps.  Additionally, I always felt a sense of “devotion to country” and a way to pay back my country for all the freedoms we have as Americans.  After meeting with recruiters several times in my mid 20’s and constantly making excuses not to join, my wife finally made the decision for me by saying she didn’t want me to have any life regrets, especially because of her or my job.  With that, I decided to enlist at the age of 30.  This was not going to be easy.  I was older than most, had an established career which I would be taking time away from, and an amazing wife that would be left home alone to take care of everything.

As I had everything aligned and organized for this new adventure, my wife and I found out that we were going to have a baby.  The two of us along with our family and friends couldn’t have been more excited.  That’s when it hit us; I was going to be leaving shortly for 4+ months to complete One Station Unit Training (boot camp) in Fort Benning.  My wife is pregnant with our first kid, and I’m not going to be home for half the pregnancy.  SHIT!

Move along some years later, I now have 2 wonderful children but many of the problems that all parents face.  My wife and I both work and have to balance work/home life with two small children, two dogs, a house, property, etc…My military values help this process immensely but the challenge is still real.

HighSpeedDaddy began as a dedicated outlet to help other people in similar situations.  I take my experience from being a husband, father, corporate employee, and my military experience to tell my story and share my 2 cents.

This is only the beginning..

To contact me, please email:  info@highspeeddaddy.com