Chapter 2 Ep. 3. October 31st, 2018 – “Look Momma!! I’m on Top the World”

In the James Cagney movie, a famous actor during the black and white motion picture era, this is the classic line that ended his 1949 movie “White Heat”.  His character shouts it, just before he chooses to blow up the gigantic gas tank he was standing on after being shot, several times, by a policeman with a scoped, bolt action, hi powered, probably 243 caliber, rifle.  
I also refer to the original black and white 1933 version of “King Kong”.  Both of these characters reached the top and faced destruction.  The lesson here is, how hard do I push my kids to be successful and get to the top. 
Both of these tragic characters were happy and fat in their own little jungles, until somebody pushed them beyond their capabilities.  Never forget the “Peter Principle”, people rise to reach their level of incompetence.
In other words, employees are promoted based on their success in previous jobs until they reach a level at which they are no longer competent, as skills in one job do not necessarily translate to another”.  This also applies to real life, not just career life.
Our kids are, in a way, our employees and we as parents are their managers.  To maximize their efficiency we must understand and accept their limitations and capabilities.  We may want them to be better at our chosen sport or profession than we are, but, then life and free-will kicks in.  
Acceptance of this fact by the under achieving parent is tough to accept.  Example: The parent made first string College level Division 1 in a sport, that automatically means that their child should be a professional athlete in that sport.  
If you really believe that mantra, make sure that there are no large gas tanks or Empire State buildings in your area.  Each kid is a gift that we as parents counsel, direct, nudge, set a good example for, teach, and pray that we did it all so that the kid is a “SUCCESS” .  
What the hell is success?  It is just a simple happy life doing things that are respected by the other tribes people and that contribute to the common good of the tribe.  Money, fame, and power are there for the taking if earned and the respect of your peers is not lost in achieving those lofty goals.  
Life is like the Italian finger game “Morra”.  It is a simple game, played by simple people, but, when you see it played there is passion, planning, and strategy needed to win.  Many times the winner does not have the power that the “underboss”, who controls the game, has because, “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”. 
How a person is perceived in their lives has to be the choice of the individual, not that of their parents.  Sometimes corporations need to have their leaders perceived so as to project a positive corporate image.  
This is fine, as long as it is really the way the leader lives their life.  If it if a ruse, Peters Principle steps in and the bi-planes start flying around the office windows with the machine guns blaring.
Mothers teach your daughters well.  Fathers set the good example for your sons.  Let them find their own way.  They will stumble and fall along the way.  Be there to catch them, pick them up, and nudge them again in a positive direction.  
Expect nothing from your children except the comfort that they are happy, respected, and therefore “SUCCESSFUL”.   

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