Sometimes you just gotta let kids be kids

Dom pushing his fear boundaries
Pushing his (and my) fear boundaries

Dom surprised the crap out of me the other day when he just randomly ran over to this playground set and started climbing to the top.  I was hesitant to let him climb all the way up there without me intervening or physically supporting him while doing it. But he was determined to do it alone and kept telling me, “no daddy, I do it myself!” Always fun being put in place by your 3rd old, right?  Then I thought about it…he was right. He was trying to tell me to stop being so protective and let him grow, mentally, physically, emotionally.  He wanted to conquer his own fear.  Little did he know, he was teaching me to conquer some of my own fear.  The joy he had on his face after he got to the top was priceless.  The relief I had on my face when he got to the top safely was priceless too.  But maybe next time he goes to do something like this, I won’t worry as much.  As a parent, sometimes you become over protective and want to do everything for your kid, not knowingly holding them back.   Then sometimes, you just gotta let kids be kids.

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